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Well, well, well, we are almost finished with 2021! Can you believe it! This year has flown by! But November moved even faster than I expected! I had an absolutely fantastic month! I went to the beach by myself! It was amazing. I have not done that in years and everyone needs to get away by themselves sometime.

My husband and I also went to see Dwight Yoakum (don’t judge!) at Graceland in Memphis. He has never been through the mansion (and he has lived within 100 miles of it his whole life!🤦🏻‍♀️) So, we toured Graceland and we even spent the night in the hotel there. It was a wonderful weekend get away!

Now…on to the


What a wonderful reading month. Now, I am listening to more audible books than I am physically reading at the present time. Basically because I am semi-retired and I am wanting to do some crafty stuff. I have been knitting….I know, I know….but I am addicted!

So….now on to the wonderful books and audible books for November!

A Fire In the Night
Mary Jane
The Stolen Baby
Woodrow on the Bench
The Pilot’s Daughter
The Hunger Of Crows
The Encanto
The Christmas Wedding
The Hawthorne School
Freedom Lessons
Walking Among the Trees

I also finished these books….I will not review these but just know….they are excellent!

Stay tuned for these upcoming reviews

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! Now on to December!

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I am an avid reader and paper crafter. I am a mom of 2 children, 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan
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