Contact me! 

16 Responses to Contact me!

  1. Glen Ebisch says:

    Thanks for the review!

    Glen Ebisch

  2. Sharon Drane says:

    Thank you so much for posting about my latest novel!

  3. Ken Dalton says:

    Thank you for your kind words concerning my book, Polio and Me.
    I was especially pleased to view my work through the eyes of a pharmacist and gratified you enjoyed the history of the development of the vaccine.

  4. stef7sa says:

    Hi fredreeca

    I read in the Facebook group of IndieBrag Authors that you would be interested in reading and reviewing award winning books. My book, Living in Italy has won an IndieBrag award this year, so maybe you would like to have a look. It is an expat memoir type of book. See for more info.

    Hope to hear from you,

  5. mrsjfk1501 says:

    Change my email address to please.

    Christy Kennedy

    • fredreeca says:

      All you have to do is hit the follow button on the side and put in the new address! Should fix you right up! Thanks girl! Makes my day that you are looking at what I post!!

  6. alpsell says:

    Hi Reeca, thanks for the fabulous review of my girl ‘Tsarina’. I am chuffed that you were as captivated by her as I. May I pls ask you to amend though pls – she is not Catherine the Great, but Catherine I of Russia, and Tsarina is the first ever novel about her. Thanks so much – it happens a lot! Warm regards from London Ellen

  7. Tracy McGowan says:

    Hey! Nice to meet y’all last night. Let us know if you ever want to me at FG’s! I see you love animals. Us too!
    Tracy and Frank McGowan

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