The Shape of Night by Tess Gerritsen @tessgerritsen @randomhouse #ghoststory #thriller


A woman trying to outrun her past is drawn to a coastal village in Maine—and to a string of unsolved murders—in this novel of romance and psychological suspense from New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen.

“Suspenseful, sexy, and soulful.”—J. R. Ward, bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series

After an unspeakable tragedy in Boston, Ava Collette flees to a remote village in Maine, where she rents an old house named Brodie’s Watch.

In that isolated seaside mansion, Ava finally feels at peace . . . until she glimpses the long-dead sea captain who still resides there.

Rumor has it that Captain Jeremiah Brodie has haunted the house for more than a century. One night, Ava confronts the apparition, who feels all too real, and who welcomes her into his world—and into his arms. Even as Ava questions her own sanity, she eagerly looks forward to the captain’s ghostly visits. But she soon learns that the house she loves comes with a terrible secret, a secret that those in the village don’t want to reveal: Every woman who has ever lived in Brodie’s Watch has also died there. Is the ghost of Captain Brodie responsible, or is a flesh-and-blood killer at work? A killer who is even now circling closer to Ava?


Ava is running away. She tells herself she is just getting away to write her book. But deep down…she knows she is running from her past. She rents a home on the edge of the sea in Maine. The home is the historical house of the famous sea captain…Captain Brodie.

Ava immediately knows something is off about the house. After a few days in this house she questions what actually made the previous tenant leave? This sends her on a quest and possible danger from her own rental property. See…her house is inhabited by Captain Brodie himself!

This is not your typical Tess Gerritsen novel. So, if you are expecting her usual, prepared to be surprised. This is a ghost story and it is twisted. It is even very risqué in places. This has received some mixed reviews. But, I have not read a Tess Gerritsen book in a very long time. So, I had no prejudices. I went in with an open mind. And yes I figured most of it out. But the story is very entertaining and I was definitely on the edge of my seat.

Not sure I would recommend reading this home alone on a dark night!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle @stmartinspress @nancynaigle #christmasromance #christmas #fiction #review


A heartwarming Christmas story filled with the magic and miracles of the holiday season by USA Today Bestselling author, Nancy Naigle.

Growing up, Liz Westmoreland dreamed of taking over her grandparents inn located in the small mountain town of Antler Creek only for it to be sold before she ever got the chance. While browsing the internet, she stumbles upon a listing for what looks to be the picturesque inn and it’s set to go to auction. Liz places a bid, and by a miracle, wins the auction. But when she gets there she finds the property in significant disrepair.

When Matt Hardy narrowly lost the inn and property that butted his land, he just hoped it wasn’t another city slicker coming to make matters worse after the previous owners gutted the place for an art gallery. But the minute he recognized the sweet, freckle-faced girl from his childhood and heard her plans to reopen the inn, he jumps at the chance to help his childhood crush restore a place where he made so many fond memories.

While working on repairs, Liz and Matt discover her grandmother’s collection of angels in one of the cabins. When the angels start mysteriously showing up all over the inn, she begins to look at them as reassurance—that restoring the inn is what she’s meant to do. But when an accident leaves Liz feeling like she made a mistake, will Matt—and the residents of Antler Creek—be able to show Liz that she’s found a home? And possibly true love as well?


Liz is taking a leap of faith. She finds her grandparents old bed and breakfast up for on-line auction. She buys it…sight unseen. When she asks Matt Hardy to help her renovate and turn it back into its original glory, SPARKS FLY!

Oh…I fell for Matt, hook, line and sinker. He is the sweetest character ever! And he fell for Liz a long time ago. These two are the classic romance characters everyone should experience. Their attraction and the lovely small town of Antler Creek is an absolute joy to read about.

This is your typical, sweet, heartwarming Christmas love story. The small town setting with the small town characters (which I can totally relate to!) really create wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

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Tiffany Blues by M.J. Rose is 💥💥💥ON SALE💥💥💥

You can see my review Here. It is a 5 star read. I loved it.


“A lush, romantic historical mystery with a unique setting and a heroine to root for.”- Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author 

Tiffany Blues, a “fast paced, star crossed romance” from New York Times bestselling author M.J. Rose is on sale now for a limited time! 

Grab your copy today for only $1.99! 



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Everything looked more beautiful through the stained glass… except her past.

New York Times bestselling author, M. J. Rose crafts a dazzling Jazz Age jewel–a novel of ambition, betrayal, and passion. 

New York, 1924. Twenty‑four‑year‑old Jenny Bell has escaped her past… her hard-hearted stepfather, murder, and the dank hallways of Canada’s notorious Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women where she spent 2 years. 

Now as one of a dozen burgeoning artists invited to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s prestigious artists’ colony. Gifted and determined, Jenny vows to avoid distractions and romantic entanglements and take full advantage of the many wonders to be found at Laurelton Hall.

But Jenny’s can’t help but be inextricably drawn to Oliver, Tiffany’s charismatic grandson.

As the summer shimmers on, and the competition between the artists grows fierce as they vie for a spot at Tiffany’s New York gallery, a series of suspicious and disturbing occurrences suggest someone knows enough about Jenny’s childhood trauma to expose her.

Supported by her closest friend Minx Deering, a seemingly carefree socialite yet dedicated sculptor, and Oliver, Jenny pushes her demons aside. Between stolen kisses and stolen jewels, the champagne flows and the jazz plays on until one moonless night when Jenny’s past and present are thrown together in a desperate moment, that will threaten her promising future, her love, her friendships, and her very life.

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Heaven, My Home by Attica Locke #review #mystery #thriller @serpentstail @atticalocke


One of Entertainment Weekly‘s Biggest Books of Fall 2019

In this “captivating” crime novel (People) by the award-winning author of Bluebird, Bluebird, Texas Ranger Darren Mathews is on the hunt for a missing boy — but it’s the boy’s family of white supremacists who are his real target

9-year-old Levi King knew he should have left for home sooner; now he’s alone in the darkness of vast Caddo Lake, in a boat whose motor just died. A sudden noise distracts him – and all goes dark.

Darren Mathews is trying to emerge from another kind of darkness; after the events of his previous investigation, his marriage is in a precarious state of re-building, and his career and reputation lie in the hands of his mother, who’s never exactly had his best interests at heart. Now she holds the key to his freedom, and she’s not above a little maternal blackmail to press her advantage. 

An unlikely possibility of rescue arrives in the form of a case down Highway 59, in a small lakeside town where the local economy thrives on nostalgia for ante-bellum Texas – and some of the era’s racial attitudes still thrive as well. Levi’s disappearance has links to Darren’s last case, and to a wealthy businesswoman, the boy’s grandmother, who seems more concerned about the fate of her business than that of her grandson. 

Darren has to battle centuries-old suspicions and prejudices, as well as threats that have been reignited in the current political climate, as he races to find the boy, and to save himself.

Attica Locke proves that the acclaim and awards for Bluebird, Bluebird were justly deserved, in this thrilling new novel about crimes old and new.


Darren is a Texas Ranger. He is called in on a case to help find a young boy. As the case slowly develops, so do the racial undertones. He also finds a connection to a previous case. One, in which, he hoped would stay buried.

I enjoy a book where the main character is flawed. And Darren is definitely flawed. He has made plenty of bad choices and big mistakes. One big one from a previous investigation actually has him being blackmailed, by his mother, no less! Darren is such a “real” character with “real” troubles that I rooted for him to succeed. You will have to read the book to see how that worked out!

This is an intricate, twisted mystery with plenty of action thrown in. If you need a good book to immerse your self in. This is it!

I have only read one other Attica book. I must remedy that soon.

I received this novel from Serpent Tale Books for a honest review.

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Seven Letters by J.P. Monninger #review #fiction #romance @stmartinspress

Praise for J.P. Monninger and SEVEN LETTERS

Monninger enchants with this lyrically written romantic love letter to Ireland and its people. Readers who appreciate love stories set against dramatic backdrops will find much to love.” 

Publishers Weekly 


“A sweeping love story with intriguing characters and a well-described ending.” 


The first letter brings her to Ireland. The next six are a test of true love…



A Novel

By J.P. Monninger


From the author of The Map That Leads to Youcomes another sweeping, romantic novel about love, family, and what it means to build a home together,SEVEN LETTERS (St. Martin’s Griffin; October 8, 2019, $16.99).

The Blasket Islands are the heart of Ireland – once populated with some of the most famous Irish writers, they are now abandoned, filled with nothing but wind and silence. Kate Moreton, a PhD student at Dartmouth, is in Ireland to research the history of the Blaskets, not to fall in love. She has a degree to finish and a life back in New Hampshire that she is reluctant to leave. 

But fall in love she does, with both the wild, windswept landscape and with Ozzie, an Irish-American fisherman with a troubled past who shares her deep, aching love for the land. Together, they begin to build a life on the rocky Irish coast. But when tragedy strikes, leading Kate on a desperate search through Europe, the limits of their love and faith in each other will be tested.


Kate is working on her PhD. She has decided to research the history of the Blasket Islands. She takes a sabbatical and takes off to study in Ireland. She never planned to fall in love.

At first, I did not feel a very strong connection between Kate and Ozzie. Basically because I thought of Ozzie as self centered and self absorbed. And Kate should have never accepted some of his excuses. As a matter of fact, I almost abandoned this tale because I disliked Ozzie so much. However, as their love grows, so does my belief in him.

 The scenery and the rich history of the Blasket Islands is what makes this tale. This is a beautifully written story. I bet the movie will be fantastic with the Irish coast as a setting. Nothing like researching a new place!


About the Author

J.P. MONNINGER, author of The Map That Leads to You, is an award-winning writer in New England and Professor of English at Plymouth State University.


Additional Praise for J.P. Monninger

“Romantic and unforgettable.”

Nicholas Sparks on The Map That Leads To You

Monninger’s debut novel will strike a chord with fans of Nicholas Sparks’ 

sweeping and sentimental tales.” 

Booklist on The Map That Leads To You

“A gossamer confection, spun sugar at the summer carnival. It’s also an inspiriting estival fling, one that, as Heather says of her relationship with Jack, melts any residual winter ice. 

The New York Times Book Review on The Map That Leads To You

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The Perfect Love Song by Patti Callahan Henry #christmasromance #review #fiction @pcalhenry @thomasnelson


Just in time for Christmas, escape with a perfect love song, a perfect love story, and a perfect dose of holiday magic. 

“Patti Callahan Henry is quickly becoming one of my favorites.” —Debbie Macomber, New York Times bestselling author 

Can one song change the course of a life?

Brothers Jimmy and Jack Sullivan live a nomadic life doing what they love: touring with their band, The Unknown Souls. But Jack’s recent engagement to Kara has everyone looking forward to a Christmas destination wedding in Ireland.

Unlike his brother, Jimmy never expected to fall in love. But he feels a sense of peace and happiness whenever he’s around Kara’s best friend, Charlotte—which has him wondering what he’s missing. Over Thanksgiving, Jimmy and Charlotte write a song while sitting together on the back porch. When the band sings it at a Christmas concert the next night, Jimmy insists it’s the perfect love song—but a manager for another famous duo is adamant that it’s the perfect Christmas song. Before Jimmy knows what’s happening, he’s on tour with the hottest country band around and suddenly everyone knows his name.

But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Jimmy finds himself far away from those he loves—especially Charlotte. Only a Christmas miracle—or two—will be able to lead Jimmy back to Ireland, to his brother, and to love.


Jimmy and Jack have a band and travel the country sharing their love of music. When Jimmy and his friend Charlotte write a love song, it rockets Jimmy and Jack to stardom. It also takes him away from his friends and family, including Charlotte. She has come to be more than a friend. This is not something Jimmy ever expected.

Charlotte and Jimmy really click well together. They each have a love of music. Plus, Charlotte loves to write poetry. These two combinations go hand in hand. I loved these two. However, there were places where the author stated the obvious or the conversations were a little stilted. This did not necessarily take away from the story.

This is such a sweet and enjoyable read. I loved the country music references. Plus the characters just made this tale all the better. This would make a fantastic Hallmark Movie!

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On the Market by Audrey Wick #fiction #review #romance


Will she be the secret ingredient to his happiness?

Valerie Perry has just inherited her grandmother’s home in Last Stand, Texas, a far cry in the country from her city life as an organic grocery buyer in San Antonio. Her methodical daily routine suits her just fine, so she aims to freshen up the property, sell it, and take her funds back to the city. She’s only got two weeks during her vacation to make this happen. Now is the time to cash in and get out.

The oldest Hutchinson son, who people around town know as “Hutch,” is a third generation local who is poised to take over the family business with his brother, Cole. The barbeque brothers have very different ideas about the future of their restaurant, “The Hut.” Just when he thought his biggest headache was his job, Hutch meets Valerie and both their worlds are upended. He’s drawn to this fish out of water, but Valerie’s time in Last Stand has an expiration date. 

Their sweet and saucy styles don’t mix, but can they both find the recipe to a happy future?


Valerie has inherited her grandmother’s home. She has decided to fix it up and sell it. She only has 2 weeks to get the job done. Enter Hutch. He and his brother own a barbecue restaurant and they are having creative differences. However, this does not keep him from Valerie once the sparks start to fly.

When Valerie is first introduced in this story. I was NOT a fan. She was very witchy to Hutch and I did not like it. However, as the story moves along, their relationship (of course) takes twists and turns. She becomes better but she does still keep her edginess. This makes for unique conversations between her and Hutch. They have some of the best banter sessions and they put a smile on your face!

This is a wonderful palate cleanser read. It has a lovely setting of Last Stand, Texas. The characters really keep you entertained. It is a solid, sweet romance that will leave you wanting more. I am looking forward to the second book in this series!

I received this novel from the author for a honest review.

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