Their Alaskan Past by Belle Calhoune #loveinspired #bookreview @harlequinbooks


Could their unexpected reunion lead to a second chance?

She broke his heart years ago

But now she needs his help

Veterinarian Maya Roberts has complicated feelings about her ex—Iditarod racer Ace Reynolds—returning to Owl Creek, Alaska. But he’s the perfect person to help with her dog rescue. Now they’re working together, caught by their tangled past and still-unresolved feelings for each other. But a second chance with Ace isn’t just about forgiveness. It means sharing the secret that’s kept them apart…


Maya Roberts is a veterinarian trying to get an animal rescue off the ground. When her ex-boyfriend shows up, she offers him the job. But, can Ace get over their past? Can everyone get over all the secrets?

This is a fast paced, short romance with a wonderful setting. Now, it is a bit “too sweet” and a bit predictable. But I did get lost in this tale and I finished it in one sitting. So, it is perfect for a short flight or car ride.

I adored the characters, especially Ace. He is struggling to find his way. Add in the wonderful Alaska setting and these great animals and I was hooked!

Need a sweet, quick read…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest opinion.

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The Wrong Victim by Allison Brennan @harlequinbooks #suspense #bookreview

The Wrong Victim : A Novel

Allison Brennan

On Sale Date: April 26, 2022



$26.99 USD

464 pages


A bomb explodes on a sunset charter cruise out of Friday Harbor at the height of tourist season and kills everyone on board. Now this fishing and boating community is in shock and asking who would commit such a heinous crime—the largest act of mass murder in the history of the San Juan Islands.

Was the explosion an act of domestic terrorism, or was one of the dead the primary target? That is the first question Special Agent Matt Costa, Detective Kara Quinn, and the rest of the FBI team need to answer, but they have few clues and no witnesses.

Accused of putting profits before people after leaking fuel endangered an environmentally sensitive preserve, the West End Charter company may itself have been the target. As Matt and his team get closer to answers, they find one of their own caught in the crosshairs of a determined killer.


A bomb has exploded and killed quite a few people. Special Agent Matt Costa and Detective Kara Quinn have their hands full. There are several possibilities and the further they get into the investigation the more convoluted the investigation becomes.

I usually enjoy this author’s books. But this one was a little bit more detailed than I was used to. It is well researched but it just got bogged down in some police procedures that I did not enjoy. But, I love Matt and Kara. They balance each other out. Add in the search for the killer…and it’s a pretty good tale!

Need a good police procedure book.…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this copy from the publisher for an honest review.


ALLISON BRENNAN is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over thirty novels. She has been nominated for Best Paperback Original Thriller by International Thriller Writers and the Daphne du Maurier Award. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, Allison lives in Arizona with her husband, five kids and assorted pets.

Social Links:

Author website:

Facebook: @AllisonBrennan

Twitter: @Allison_Brennan

Instagram: @abwrites


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The Children on the Hill by Jennifer McMahon #psychologicalthriller #bookreview #5starread @scoutpressbooks


From the New York Times bestselling author of The Drowning Kind comes a genre-defying new novel, inspired by Mary Shelley’s masterpiece Frankenstein, that brilliantly explores the eerie mysteries of childhood and the evils perpetrated by the monsters among us.

1978: At her renowned treatment center in picturesque Vermont, the brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Hildreth, is acclaimed for her compassionate work with the mentally ill. But when she’s home with her cherished grandchildren, Vi and Eric, she’s just Gran—teaching them how to take care of their pets, preparing them home-cooked meals, providing them with care and attention and love.

Then one day Gran brings home a child to stay with the family. Iris—silent, hollow-eyed, skittish, and feral—does not behave like a normal girl.

Still, Violet is thrilled to have a new playmate. She and Eric invite Iris to join their Monster Club, where they catalogue all kinds of monsters and dream up ways to defeat them. Before long, Iris begins to come out of her shell. She and Vi and Eric do everything together: ride their bicycles, go to the drive-in, meet at their clubhouse in secret to hunt monsters. Because, as Vi explains, monsters are everywhere.

2019: Lizzy Shelley, the host of the popular podcast Monsters Among Us, is traveling to Vermont, where a young girl has been abducted, and a monster sighting has the town in an uproar. She’s determined to hunt it down, because Lizzy knows better than anyone that monsters are real—and one of them is her very own sister.

A haunting, vividly suspenseful page-turner from the “literary descendant of Shirley Jackson” (Chris Bohjalian, author of The Flight Attendant), The Children on the Hill takes us on a breathless journey to face the primal fears that lurk within us all.


Violet, Eric and now add Iris, are siblings. Their grandmother is a renowned psychiatrist. She has a treatment center next to their home. Vi, Eric and Iris spend a lot of time pretending to hunt monsters. They have their own club and even write a book with illustrations. But, are they hunting monsters or remembering the past.

This story is told in several voices and several time periods and the author nailed all of them. To me, this is one of the hardest things an author does and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Every section of this book is mesmerizing and all work well together to tell the story!

I cannot tell y’all what kind of page turner this is! The children pull at your heart. Then the setting of the psychological treatment center and the secrecy of Gran, really mess with your mind.

Well! Jennifer McMahon has done it again! This is over the top good! I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen at the end…but..PLOT TWIST! Y’all need to run get this today…don’t wait!

Need a fantastic thriller…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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The Last Dance on Starlight Pier by Sarah Bird @macmillanaudio @stmartinspress #historicalfiction #bookreview #5starread #smpinfluencer


Set during the Great Depression, Sarah Bird’s Last Dance on the Starlight Pier is a novel about one woman – and a nation – struggling to be reborn from the ashes.

July 3. 1932. Shivering and in shock, Evie Grace Devlin watches the Starlite Palace burn into the sea and wonders how she became a person who would cause a man to kill himself. She’d come to Galveston to escape a dark past in vaudeville and become a good person, a nurse. When that dream is cruelly thwarted, Evie is swept into the alien world of dance marathons. All that she has been denied- a family, a purpose, even love – waits for her there in the place she dreads most: the spotlight.

Last Dance on the Starlight Pier is a sweeping novel that brings to spectacular life the enthralling worlds of both dance marathons and the family-run empire of vice that was Galveston in the Thirties. Unforgettable characters tell a story that is still deeply resonant today as America learns what Evie learns, that there truly isn’t anything this country can’t do when we do it together. That indomitable spirit powers a story that is a testament to the deep well of resilience in us all that allows us to not only survive the hardest of hard times, but to find joy, friends, and even family, in them.


Evie Grace is determined to be a nurse. She has been given a scholarship to a nursing school in Galveston. But, all does not go as planned. Her past comes back to haunt her. So, Evie Grace heads back to her old life. But, things have changed.

Ok, when I started this book, I just was not very interested. I don’t know why, just didn’t hit me at the start. But…Y’ALL! This is a wonderful book! I loved Evie Grace and Zave. I enjoyed the prohibition era and the marathon dances. Who knew about the coin showers and the rules of marathon dancing.

Now, not everyone liked this book. I have read a few reviews (and I very seldom do that!) And I agree with a lot of their assessments. There are a lot of characters and Evie Grace makes some poor decisions. But, it is during the depression, I am not sure the decisions I would have made at that time would have been the best either. However, the setting, the time period and the unique backdrop of marathon dancers had me hooked! Now, I did listen to this book and did not physically read it. Sometimes that makes a difference. I might have not enjoyed it as much if I had physically read it.

The narrator, Cassandra Campbell, is probably the reason I enjoyed this book so much. Highly recommend the audio version!

Need a fabulous book which gives you all the feels…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.


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Mrs. England by Stacey Halls @harlequinbooks #historicalfiction #bookreview


A Sunday Times bestseller!

“Highly atmospheric and tense.”–Richard Osman, New YorkTimes bestselling author of The Thursday Murder Club

Simmering with slow-burning menace, Mrs. England is a portrait of an Edwardian marriage, an enthralling tale of men and women, power and control, courage, truth and the very darkest deception.

West Yorkshire, 1904. When recently graduated Ruby May takes a nanny position looking after the children of Charles and Lilian England, a wealthy couple from a powerful dynasty of mill owners, she hopes it will be the fresh start she needs. But as she adapts to life at the isolated Hardcastle House, it becomes clear something is not quite right about the beautiful, mysterious Mrs. England.

Distant and withdrawn, Lilian shows little interest in her children or charming husband and is far from the angel of the house Ruby was expecting.

As the warm, vivacious Charles welcomes Ruby into the family, a series of strange events forces her to question everything she thought she knew. Ostracized by the servants and increasingly uneasy, Ruby must face her own demons in order to prevent history from repeating itself. After all, there’s no such thing as the perfect family—she should know.

This captivating new feminist novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Stacey Halls is her third work of fiction and proves her one of the most exciting and compelling new storytellers of our time.


Ruby has officially graduated. She is now a children’s nurse. She has taken a new position for the Englands. But, it is not as she is expects. The husband, not the wife, is who she goes to about the children. The mother is not exactly the norm. As a matter of fact, the whole situation is just a bit out of the ordinary.

Ruby has secrets and apparently, so does this family she is working for. The longer Ruby is in their presence, the stranger they become. Then, as Ruby’s secrets start to unravel…the real story behind this family begins to unfold.

I enjoyed the guessing game on this one. I knew something was up, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what. So, when all the secrets came out…KUDOS to the author for this one. You must read this to find out!

Need a story which keeps you guessing…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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The Resting Place by Camilla Sten @macmillanaudio #suspense #audiobook #audiblebook #5starreview


Most Anticipated Books of 2022 by Bustle

Best Thrillers by Library Journal

“Engrossing, character-rich, powerful. Sten is on a roll.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Crimson Peak meets The Sanatorium in The Resting Place, a heart-thumping, unforgettable novel of horror and suspense by international sensation Camilla Sten.

Deep rooted secrets. 

A twisted family history.

And a house that will never let go.

Eleanor lives with prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize a familiar person’s face. It causes stress. Acute anxiety.

It can make you question what you think you know.

When Eleanor walked in on the scene of her capriciously cruel grandmother, Vivianne’s, murder, she came face to face with the killer – a maddening expression that means nothing to someone like her. With each passing day, the horror of having come so close to a murderer – and not knowing if they’d be back – overtakes both her dreams and her waking moments, thwarting her perception of reality.

Then a lawyer calls. Vivianne has left her a house – a looming estate tucked away in the Swedish woods. The place her grandfather died, suddenly. A place that has housed a chilling past for over fifty years.

Eleanor. Her steadfast boyfriend, Sebastian. Her reckless aunt, Veronika. The lawyer. All will go to this house of secrets, looking for answers. But as they get closer to uncovering the truth, they’ll wish they had never come to disturb what rests there.

Praise for Camilla Sten

“Come for the mounting horror and scares.” – New York Times Book Review

“Pays homage to Shirley Jackson.” – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Impossible to stop reading.” – Ragnar Jonasson


Eleanor’s grandmother has been murdered and Eleanor saw the killer. But she suffers from prosopagnosia. Eleanor is unable to recognize faces. She has been haunted by this fact and it is taking over her life. She can barely function.

Then, a lawyer calls and tells her she has inherited an estate. A home with a terrible past. Eleanor and her boyfriend, Sebastian go to the house and are joined by her aunt, Veronika. This turns into a real life nightmare!

Oh wow! Give me a creepy house and weird people and I am mesmerized. This story had me reeled in from the very first. Talk about suspenseful, especially toward the end. This is a tale, which is a bit far fetched in places, but I truly did not care. I wanted to find out who was doing all this insane stuff and why.

The narrator, Angela Dawe nailed it…and I mean all of it!

Need a startling tale which might keep you awake at night…This is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here


Barnes and Noble



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The Mayfair Bookshop by Eliza Knight @wmmorrowbooks #bookreview #fiction


One of Hasty Booklist’s Most Anticipated Historical Fiction Novels!

USA Today bestselling author Eliza Knight brings together a brilliant dual-narrative story about Nancy Mitford—one of 1930s London’s hottest socialites, authors, and a member of the scandalous Mitford Sisters—and a modern American desperate for change, connected through time by a little London bookshop.

“An absolute must-read!”—Madeline Martin, New York Times bestselling author The Last Bookshop in London

1938: She was one of the six sparkling Mitford sisters, known for her stinging quips, stylish dress, and bright green eyes. But Nancy Mitford’s seemingly dazzling life was really one of turmoil: with a perpetually unfaithful and broke husband, two Nazi sympathizer sisters, and her hopes of motherhood dashed forever. With war imminent, Nancy finds respite by taking a job at the Heywood Hill Bookshop in Mayfair, hoping to make ends meet, and discovers a new life.

Present Day: When book curator Lucy St. Clair lands a gig working at Heywood Hill she can’t get on the plane fast enough. Not only can she start the healing process from the loss of her mother, it’s a dream come true to set foot in the legendary store. Doubly exciting: she brings with her a first edition of Nancy’s work, one with a somewhat mysterious inscription from the author. Soon, she discovers her life and Nancy’s are intertwined, and it all comes back to the little London bookshop—a place that changes the lives of two women from different eras in the most surprising ways.


Lucy is so excited! She has landed her dream job as a book curator. She is headed to the famous Haywood Hill book store. This store is full of all kinds of history, especially about Nancy Mitford. Lucy is also on a personal hunt. Her mother had a copy of a mysteriously personalized book signed by Nancy Mitford. Lucy is determined to find out about this book and the story behind the inscription.

This story is told in two separate time periods. I actually enjoyed the present day better than the historical. This is unusual for me. I found the historical section a bit slow. However, I did enjoy learning about Nancy and her family. The present day section with Lucy and her job and being surround by books…well, this is perfect for this bibliophile. Plus, when they visited Chatsworth house…I was hooked. That is on my to do list.

Need an all around good story…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here

Barnes and Noble


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The Echoes by Jess Montgomery @macmillanaudio #audiobook #audiblebook #review #suspense


The fourth in Jess Montgomery’s evocative Kinship series, The Echoes combines exquisite storytelling with extraordinary crime plotting.

“A beautifully written tour de force.” (Linda Castillo on The Stills)

As July 4, 1928, approaches, Sheriff Lily Ross and her family look forward to the opening of an amusement park in a nearby town, created by Chalmer Fitzpatrick – a veteran and lumber mill owner. When Lily is alerted to the possible drowning of a girl, she goes to investigate, and discovers schisms going back several generations, in an ongoing dispute over the land on which Fitzpatrick has built the park.

Lily’s family life is soon rattled, too, with the revelation that before he died, her brother had a daughter, Esme, with a woman in France, and arrangements have been made for Esme to immigrate to the US to live with them. But Esme never makes it to Kinship, and soon Lily discovers that she has been kidnapped. Not only that, but a young woman is indeed found murdered in the fishing pond on Fitzpatrick’s property, at the same time that a baby is left on his doorstep.

As the two crimes interweave, Lily must confront the question of what makes family: Can we trust those we love? And what do we share, and what do we keep secret?


Lily, the local sheriff, has her hands full. There is a brand new amusement park about to open in her home town. Then, there is a murder and family disputes over the land where the park is located. On top of that, she has her own family drama when her niece never makes it to Kinship and she has possibly been kidnapped

Well! This is my first Jess Montgomery book…where have I been! Geez! I actually won a copy of one of her books last year and never read it. HEAD SLAP!

This is a story I am still thinking about. I loved Lily. Now, I will be honest, I figured this just could not happen in the 1920s. I thought, there is no way there was a female sheriff. Thanks to google…there were a few, very few, but it was not unheard of. So, give me a book with a strong female character and a book which has me looking up stuff and I am hooked.

I loved the twists and turns in this mystery. I did figure some of it out, or I thought I did…and low and behold…NOT! The story twisted. I also fell for little Esme. I really want a whole book devoted to her and her story.

This is also part of a series, book 4. And no, I have not read any of the others. I did not feel lost or confused at all. So this could be a stand alone.

Susan Bennett is the narrator and she did a fabulous job. I have added her to my narrator list.

Need a good historical mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here


Barnes and Noble



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Before He Kills Again by Margaret Murphy #audiobook #audiblebook #review @dreamscapeaudio


A serial predator is on the prowl in Liverpool—seven victims so far—and he’s already chosen his next one. 

The police can’t catch him. He leaves no trace. No one has been able to provide a reliable description. 

Detective Cassie Rowan goes undercover in a dangerous game of cat and mouse through the teeming backstreets of Liverpool. But how long will it be before he turns the tables and begins hunting her?


There is a killer loose in Cassie’s town. And she is determined to capture him at all costs. Even if it means her career or her life!

Cassie is the lead detective on this case. But, she is at a loss. This killer is smart. He is leaving at trail of bodies but very little evidence. And the closer she gets the more in danger she becomes.

This story just went on and on covering the same issue. Plus, I really did not like Cassie. I found her selfish and overbearing. She just really did get on my nerves. But…there was something about this tale which kept me reading.

The narrator, Bianca Amato is great. She kept the story moving along. She was especially good during the dramatic scenes.

Need a pretty good whodunnit…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here

Barnes and Noble




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Summer At The Cape by RaeAnne Thayne @harlequinbooks #review #bookreview #fiction


Author: RaeAnne Thayne

ISBN: 9781335936356

Publication Date: April 5, 2022

Publisher: HQN


Summer at the Cape is the fourth original hardcover from New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne. With the emotional pull of Debbie Macomber, Barbara Delinsky, and Susan Wiggs, RaeAnne tells the story of the Porter sisters, Cami and Violet, who come together to mourn the death of Violet’s twin, Lily. Over the course of the summer, the sisters must make peace with each other and also individually with their free-spirited, outspoken, activist mother who left their father two decades earlier.

As the older sister to identical twins Violet and Lily, Cami Porter had always been the odd sister out. The breach became even stronger when her parents split up—while the twins stayed in Cape Sanctuary with their free-spirited activist mother, Rosemary, fourteen-year-old Cami moved to L.A. with her by-the-book attorney father, Ted. Nearly twenty years later, when Cami gets the tragic news that Lily has drowned saving a child, Cami returns to her childhood home—her mother and Violet need her.

Lily had spent her entire life looking for something to be passionate about, and in leasing a property from neighbor Franklin Rafferty and setting up Coastal Pines Glamping, she was about to see her dream realized. Following her death, the sadness and grief Rosemary, Violet and Cami feel is compounded by Jon Rafferty, son of the neighbor whose land Lily had leased. Jon, who hadn’t seen his father in years, is stunned to learn that his father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and he worries that the Porter women took advantage of him. But Jon can see that the Porter family is in mourning, and agrees they can keep the land through the summer, and then they’ll need to shut the glamping site down.

Then there’s Violet—the child Lily saved, Ariana Mendoza, is the daughter of Violet’s former high school sweetheart, Alex Mendoza. She could never forgive him way back when for cheating on her, but she is so grateful that his adorable little girl is okay. Alex still has feelings for Violet, but he is overcome with grief and gratitude at the same time for the loss of Lily, who died saving his child.


Violet and Lilly are twins with an older sister, Cami. They have not been raised together because when their parents split up, Cami went to live with her father. But, when Lilly passes away it changes their family dynamics.

Lilly had a plan for a unique glampground. Rosemary, her mother, decides to make her daughters dream come true posthumously. It has turned into more than she bargained for. She reaches out to Cami to come fix some of the details. This throws Cami into a situation which may make her change her life plans!

It has been a while since I have read this author. In my opinion, this is her best book. I absolutely love all the characters especially Franklin Rafferty. He is the one which will pull at your heartstrings. Then there is Jon, he is at a loss on how to handle his father’s decline. He is doing the best he can and he has a huge heart. That definitely shows throughout this novel.

And…how could you turn down this cover. Oh my…it just wants the reader to jump in and get lost!

Need a good summer read that will have you smiling, laughing and sometimes crying….THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Author Bio:

New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne finds inspiration in the beautiful norhtern Utah mountains where she lives with her family. Her stories have been described as “poignant and sweet” with “beautiful honest storytelling that goes straight to the heart.” She loves to hear from readers and can be reached through her website at

Buy Links:


Barnes & Noble




Social Links:

Author Website

Twitter: @raeannethayne

Facebook: RaeAnne Thayne

Instagram: raeannethayne


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