The Magic of Found Objects by Maddie Dawson @maddiedawson1 @suzyapbooktours @LUAuthors #5starread #fiction

About The Book:

From the bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners comes a feel-good story about becoming who you were meant to be all along.

Phronsie Linnelle was conceived at Woodstock in a serendipitous liaison between a free-spirited hippie and a farmer’s son and was born with magical wonder flickering in her DNA and rationality knit into her bones. All her life she’s been torn between the two. But now that she’s been betrayed by both love and the mother she once idolized, her rational side is winning.

So when her best friend from childhood proposes that they give up on romance and marry each other, Phronsie agrees. Who better to spend your life with than your best friend? Maybe the connection they already have is love. Maybe there’s no falling to be done. But immediately after they announce their engagement, she encounters someone who makes a very charming and compelling argument for revisiting romance.

While her even-keeled stepmother argues for the safety that comes with her new engagement and her mother relays messages from the universe to hold out for true love, Phronsie must look to her own heart to find the answers that have been there all along.


Phronsie has always had trouble in the “love” department. You would think being conceived at Woodstock would increase her luck in that area of life. But, sadly no! So, she and her best friend decide to just marry each other. Forget all this love nonsense and just get married.

This book just started out ok, then it turned completely fantastic. I fell hook, line and sinker for everything and everyone in this story. My favorite scene was just a normal conversation in a bar. This author is fabulous if she can make a conversation in a bar memorable…and boy did she!

Phronsie is a character I loved from start to finish. Throughout her young life, she is torn between her real mom and her step mom. It isn’t until later in life that she figures it out…another jewel from this author. You will have to read this to find out.

This is a story that encompasses all types of love…family, friends and lovers. I was pulled in so many directions while reading this novel. Kudos to the author for knowing exactly which buttons to push!

Need a good novel which will leave you thinking about it for weeks later…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

About The Author:

Maddie Dawson grew up in the South, born into a family of outrageous storytellers. Her various careers as a substitute English teacher, department-store clerk, medical-records typist, waitress, cat sitter, wedding-invitation-company receptionist, nanny, day care worker, electrocardiogram technician, and Taco Bell taco maker were made bearable by thinking up stories as she worked. Today Maddie lives in Guilford, Connecticut, with her husband. She’s the bestselling author of seven previous novels: A Happy Catastrophe, Matchmaking for Beginners, The Survivor’s Guide to Family Happiness, The Opposite of Maybe, The Stuff That Never Happened, Kissing Games of the World, and A Piece of Normal. For more information visit

Social Media:



Twitter: @maddiedawson1

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Book Blurbs:

“The Magic of Found Objects is wonderful fun! Maddie Dawson is such an engaging and charming writer.” —Robyn Carr, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“With humor, tenderness, and some of the strongest female characters to ever grace a page, Maddie Dawson delivers with The Magic of Found Objects.” —Karen Hawkins, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Book Charmer

“Written with loads of humor and heart, The Magic of Found Objects is a delightful, feel-good tale of friendship and marriage, motherhood and sacrifice, disillusionment and hope. Dawson takes the reader on a quest for the perfect life partner. Is it the kind, comfortable friend right in front of you, or does the universe have something more exciting in store? Maddie Dawson at her finest!” —Amy Poeppel, author of Musical Chairs

“The Magic of Found Objects by Maddie Dawson is a lovingly crafted and heartwarming story of friendship, family, and being true to oneself. The charming and quirky characters burrow into your heart and make you laugh, cry, and cheer. A thoughtful and joyful read, perfect for book clubs. Dawson wrote another winner!” —Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Last Bathing Beauty

“Dawson delivers her signature charm in The Magic of Found Objects. As Phronsie makes the decision of a lifetime, her free-spirited mother and practical, loving stepmother shape her ideas of life and love. Readers will long to slip inside the pages with these lovable characters written with flawless depth and a touch of sparkle. Dawson delivers a heartfelt read that stays with you long after the last page.” —Rochelle Weinstein, USA Today bestselling author

“Thirtysomething public relations professional Phronsie Linnelle is ready for a family—so she just might marry her platonic, lifelong best friend. A witty and wonderful romp through the mind of an entertaining woman who wants it all and has the guts to go out and get it. Bestselling author Maddie Dawson at her absolute best. You will love this hilarious, heartwarming book.” —Marilyn Simon Rothstein, author of Husbands and Other Sharp Objects

“Maddie Dawson has a unique talent for telling a story that goes deep yet maintains a certain lightness throughout, at once giving readers an authentic human experience while making them still feel good about being human. The Magic of Found Objects is a warm, engaging novel that utterly charmed me. Don’t miss it.” —Marybeth Mayhew Whalen, author of This Secret Thing

“Maddie Dawson has hit another one out of the park with this charming tale about what happens when your head tells you to settle but your heart keeps whispering something else. Funny, poignant, and beautifully clear-eyed, The Magic of Found Objects is a delightfully grownup coming of age story, peopled with quirky, real-life characters who remind us that sometimes before we can open the door to the future, we must first open our hearts to the past.” —Barbara Davis, bestselling author of The Last of the Moon Girls

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The Seekers Garden by Isa Pearl Ritchie @isapearlritchie #bookspotlight #excerpt

The Seekers’ Garden

By Isa Pearl Ritchie

Genre: Women’s Fiction



If you stand still for long enough, the past catches up with you…

Leaving behind the fragments of her old life, Marcia Reed-Wilton crosses the world to return to her dilapidated childhood home and dig up the weeds of the past. 

Next door, Mrs Everglade struggles to maintain her independence in spite of her increasing frailty. 

Sixteen-year-old Lea escapes into her poetry to cope with depression until meeting Alex, a much more potent distraction. 

Meanwhile, Iris leaves her career on a whim to embark on an adventure of an entirely different kind, moving to a sleepy seaside town to write a book. 

On the other side of the world in opposite seasons, Zane, vocalist for a popular band is haunted by cryptic dreams that lead him home. 

A few twists of fate and a buried secret leave these individuals deeply and unexpectedly connected. 

The Seekers’ Garden is a lush and captivating exploration of loss, growth and spirituality, revealing the way connections form in unlikely places.


About the Author


Isa Pearl Ritchie is a New Zealand writer with a PhD in social science. She writes novels for adults and for young people. Her novel Fishing for Māui was named one of the best books of 2018 in The Listener Magazine and was a finalist in the NZ Booklovers awards2019. She has also written articles for The Spinoff, Pantograph Punch and Organic NZ. Isa lives in Wellington. 












If you stand still for long enough, the past catches up with you. The phrase came back to Marcia Reed-Wilton as inevitable as the sun rising. She took one final look around her home. Her eyes came to rest on the wall clock, its antiqued second hand obscuring the view of the first as it struck VII. She listened to its grandfather in the hall chime seven times as she assessed the things that were left in the room, relics from the past twenty years of her life: her mahogany furniture and beautiful hand-sculpted pottery in bright turquoise, olive, tamarillo, butternut, all of these familiar, comforting things.

William’s possessions were still scattered deceptively here and there: car magazines on the coffee table, overcoat hung next to the door. She was afraid to touch them. Anyone looking at the scene would assume it was a home in which a man and a woman lived. How wrong they’d be; he hadn’t lived here for months, and she hadn’t felt alive since his death.

She said goodbye to the Impressionist paintings she loved and that he had gently mocked although he had surreptitiously relegated his grandmother’s flowery watercolours to the guest room and hung her bolder tastes on the proudest walls in the main living spaces. She focused her attention down at the suitcase at her feet, packed with bare essentials, tools and trinkets small enough to carry halfway around the world. Something stirred in the back of her mind.

Marcia had dyed her long, dark hair with bright red henna, leaving the grey streaks a striking garnet. She brushed it away from her tear-stained face, walked towards the cherry-wood hallway table, pulled open the lowest drawer, and extracted a small wooden box. She opened the lid, revealing beautifully painted cards. She cut the deck and stared for a moment at the picture: a young, vibrant being playing a pipe and walking merrily off a cliff over a ravine, a dog following happily behind. The card was numbered 0, the Fool.

An obviousness dawned on her, painted lavishly over the calm façade she had been wearing these past months. At some point, fear becomes irrelevant. You have no choice but to trust the universe and take the leap: surrender. It was something she had been telling herself for years, but at that moment, it was real. She looked back down at the printed card in her hand. This is the first step in a journey. She spilt the cards out on the floor and selected the twenty-two major arcana. Then she quickly put them in order, back in the box, and into her bag as she heard the horn of her taxi sound outside. She hurried out into the thick London summer night, all sentimentality forgotten.

Marcia clutched her boarding pass tightly as she walked through the terminal. She distracted herself by gazing at the horizon out of the wall-to-wall airport windows where she was confronted by a ghost. Every time she recognised his jacket, his cologne, his hair cut, she was faced with the impossible reality of William’s presence. For the first few months, she had seen him everywhere, as if her mind was reaching out for the familiar, trying to fill the space that he used to occupy, which was now a bottomless pit, a black hole that destroyed and consumed everything around it until she felt it was all she was. The figure stood at the airport window, silhouetted in a posture that was as familiar to her as breathing. Something irrational stirred in the back of her consciousness, hope that was buttery and light, but as he moved, the glitch in her mind vanished, and she was empty again. How long will it take…? She wondered, before all the pieces of me realise he’s gone forever?

She felt her nervousness building as she boarded the plane, flanked by blank-faced flight attendants. As she took her seat, the anxiety was unbearable. What about her herbs? What about the mail? She comforted herself in the knowledge that she had good friends who she could call upon, understanding friends who knew the importance of her leaving even if they could not understand her motive. They thought she was running away from her grief, and indeed, this did feel a bit like running away, but where she was going, she had no friends or comfort, nothing. She was not escaping the past but following her intuition, and, holding tightly to the last shred of sanity she had left, she was going to face her past head-on. 

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The Second Life of Mirielle West by Amanda Skenandore #audiblebook #audiobook #5starreview #historicalfiction @highbridgeaudio


The glamorous world of a silent film star’s wife abruptly crumbles when she’s forcibly quarantined at the Carville Lepers Home in this page-turning story of courage, resilience, and reinvention set in 1920s Louisiana and Los Angeles. Based on little-known history, this timely book will strike a chord with readers of Fiona Davis, Tracey Lange, and Marie Benedict.

Based on the true story of America’s only leper colony, The Second Life of Mirielle West brings vividly to life the Louisiana institution known as Carville, where thousands of people were stripped of their civil rights, branded as lepers, and forcibly quarantined throughout the entire 20th century.

For Mirielle West, a 1920’s socialite married to a silent film star, the isolation and powerlessness of the Louisiana Leper Home is an unimaginable fall from her intoxicatingly chic life of bootlegged champagne and the star-studded parties of Hollywood’s Golden Age. When a doctor notices a pale patch of skin on her hand, she’s immediately branded a leper and carted hundreds of miles from home to Carville, taking a new name to spare her family and famous husband the shame that accompanies the disease.

At first she hopes her exile will be brief, but those sent to Carville are more prisoners than patients and their disease has no cure. Instead she must find community and purpose within its walls, struggling to redefine her self-worth while fighting an unchosen fate.

As a registered nurse, Amanda Skenandore’s medical background adds layers of detail and authenticity to the experiences of patients and medical professionals at Carville – the isolation, stigma, experimental treatments, and disparate community. A tale of repulsion, resilience, and the Roaring ‘20s, The Second Life of Mirielle West is also the story of a health crisis in America’s past, made all the more poignant by the author’s experiences during another, all-too-recent crisis.


Mirielle has burned her hand. She calls the doctor in for a house call. She is immediately sent to the hospital. Then, within 24 hours, she is placed on a train and shipped from California to Louisiana. Her life, as she knows it, is over.

Mirielle leaves behind a husband in the movie business plus two young daughters. She is only allowed to write to her family. There is no phone service. She feels like she is in prison not a hospital.

This story tore my heart out in places. The patients, including the children, the horror of the illness and the lack of family interaction, really bring about all your emotions. The rigors of the treatments and the threat of this disease, create a different kind of life for all involved.

I love, love, love a book in which I learn something or a book that is unique and I have not read much about the subject. This one covers both of those things. Being in the medical field, I enjoyed learning about all the strange treatments for leprosy. Also, how the infected patients were actually treated. Add in all the wonderful characters and location and you have a fantastic read!

Nicole Poole is excellent as the narrator of this audiobook. She is now on my list as one to watch for!

Need a book that will keep you captivated from start to finish…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this audiobook from the publisher for a honest review.

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Barnes and Noble


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The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell @lisajewelluk @simonschuster #5starreview #bookreview #thriller #fiction


Utterly gripping with richly drawn, hugely compelling characters, this is a first-class thriller with heart.” —Lucy Foley, New York Times bestselling author

“Insane suspense.” —Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author 

“Her best thriller yet.” —Harlan Coben, New York Times bestselling author

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Then She Was Gone comes another riveting work of psychological suspense about a beautiful young couple’s disappearance on a gorgeous summer night, and the mother who will never give up trying to find them…

On a beautiful summer night in a charming English suburb, a young woman and her boyfriend disappear after partying at the massive country estate of a new college friend.

One year later, a writer moves into a cottage on the edge of the woods that border the same estate. Known locally as the Dark Place, the dense forest is the writer’s favorite area for long walks and it’s on one such walk that she stumbles upon a mysterious note that simply reads, “DIG HERE.”

Could this be a clue towards what has happened to the missing young couple? And what exactly is buried in this haunted ground?

With her signature “rich, dark, and intricately twisted” (Ruth Ware, New York Timesbestselling author) prose, Lisa Jewell has crafted a dazzling work of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page.


Tallulah is a teenage mother trying to do everything. She is a mother, a student, a girlfriend and a daughter. However, her boyfriend Zach is a little possessive. So when Tallulah has an opportunity to slip off and be with one of her friends at her home, The Dark Place, she does, every chance she gets.

When she and Zach both disappear on the same evening and never return for their young child, Kim, Tallulah’s mother is distraught. Kim turns the whole town upside down looking for this young couple. But, no such luck! However, things change when a mystery writer, Sophie, moves into the neighborhood.

Well! Lisa Jewell has done it again. The strange house called the Dark Place…that is all it took to reel me in! Add in secret passages and the weird history and I was hooked. But! That is not all that makes this thriller amazing…these characters…wow! I swear, I wanted so badly to come through these pages and shake some sense into Tallulah. Then there is Zach! I wanted to beat his butt for they way he manipulated Tallulah.

But…the final straw was the twist at the end! Whoever reads a book and skips to the end….DON’T DO IT! It will ruin the whole book for you!

Need a weird and creepy thriller….YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest opinion.

Purchase Here

Barnes and Noble


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A House Full of Windsor by Kristin Contino @suzyapbooktours @RoyalKristinCA #bookreview #fiction


Spanning from 1980s London and the royal wedding of a century to a present-day reality TV show, A HOUSE FULL OF WINDSOR explores how one woman’s messy past shapes her family’s future.

Sarah Percy’s career depends on New Yorkers taking her household advice as gospel. “Sarah Says” used to be the most popular segment on the city’s top morning show, but ratings are down and it looks like Sarah might not have a tip for everything, after all… especially when her mother gets involved.

Debbie Windsor, Sarah’s mother, is a shopaholic and compulsive hoarder, a secret Sarah has worked tirelessly to hide her entire life. Debbie was always fascinated by royalty, but when her real-life love story started to parallel Princess Diana’s, she turned to collecting royal souvenirs to fill the void. Leaving her husband’s native England and relocating the family to her hometown in Pennsylvania doesn’t help the situation, and two decades later the house is a royal mess. Debbie’s safety is on the line, but she brushes off any attempts her family makes to help.

When Sarah’s brother gets a job on Stuff, a TV show about compulsive hoarding, he nominates their mother for an episode and promises his famous sister’s participation. Backed into a corner, Sarah and Debbie agree, but everyone has something at stake whether the episode does or doesn’t go off without a hitch. With both family and romantic relationships on the line–including the connection between Sarah and the show’s sexy host, and Debbie’s budding romance with a local shopkeeper –long-buried secrets and resentment must come to the surface for the family to move on.


Sarah has a wonderful career as an influencer on the morning show in NYC. Everyone follows her household advice. Sarah has worked hard to hide facts about her mother, Debbie Windsor. Debbie is a hoarder and a compulsive buyer of all things royal. And now her crowded space has become a huge issue. Sarah and her brother decide to take action. It does not go quite as planned!

I enjoyed so many aspects of this novel. The secrets unveiled about Debbie’s past as the story unfolded kept me entertained! No doubt about it! And the characters and their quips had me laughing and grinning. Add in all the royal memorabilia..and I was hooked! Such a charming and delightful tale from start to finish!

Need a cute, all around good read…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

About The Author:

Kristin Contino writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance including THE LEGACY OF US (Sparkpress, 2015) and the forthcoming A HOUSE FULL OF WINDSOR (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2021). When she’s not writing fiction, Kristin serves as chief reporter at Royal Central, where she covers royal news from around the world (and tries not to buy too many of the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfits). Kristin loves connecting with readers and can be found online at

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Social Media: 



Twitter: @RoyalKristinC

Book Blurbs:

“A spectacular and addictive family tale that’s equal parts charm and depth.” – Kirkus

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August Escapes and Escapades! #escapesandescapades #augustwrapup #wrapup

I had very eventful August! —-Stay tuned for an announcement at the end of this post!


First up…the FedEx St. Jude Golf Tournament. We have not been in quite a while and we had a blast! Check it out!

These are just a few of the pics. I am not a huge golf fan. But! I had a blast at this tournament!

Then…WE WENT ON VACATION! We usually follow the St. Louis Cardinals to an away stadium. But this year we did something totally different. We went to Bardstown, KY and toured distilleries. Pretty dang unique…if I do say so myself. And I don’t even like Bourbon! But I loved so much about this trip! First up…we stayed in a unique Bed and Breakfast called the Jailers Inn.

We stopped and enjoyed several distilleries.

But the highlight of the whole trip…the race horses! We took a tour of a race track and a horse farm! Talk about some gorgeous animals and some gorgeous countryside!

Now…enough about my escapades…now on to my wonderful escapes!


The Last Commandment
Emily’s House
It Takes Heart
The Show Girl
The Steal
The Long Lost Jules
Such a Good Wife
The Family Plot
The Last Mona Lisa
The Name Curse

I also read these….review will be up soon.


Well….after 30 years of being a full time pharmacist…I am hanging up my spatula…well sort of…I AM GOING PART TIME!

I know most of you have felt some effects of COVID on your lives. Covid has changed retail pharmacy tremendously. It has truly made my life so stressful and my body is breaking down. So, I gave up my manager position at CVS (ComeVisitSatan if you have ever talked to me personally!) I will now be working at different places for CVS part time. I will not have much money for the escapades…but boy will I have lots of time for the escapes!

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Audible Reads for August #wrapup #audiobooks #audiblebooks #audible

What a wonderful month of August in the audiobook department.

There are a lot of good ones on this list! A couple were not as good as expected but still a good month all around!


A Place Called Home
Dark Roads
The Guilt Trip
Sweet Tea

And this review will be up in a few days…and boy is it a good one!

What did you listen to and enjoy in the month of August? Inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks for stopping by!

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The Name Curse by Brooke Burroughs @gosparkpoint @brookebwrites #fiction #bookreview


In this flirty wilderness adventure by the author of The Marriage Code, two hikers who drive each other crazy discover they might have a lot to learn from one another about navigating life, love, and living up to family expectations.

Ever since her father died, Bernie’s life has been stagnant. When concerned friends and family suggest she join a hike through Alaska to gain new perspective, Bernie reluctantly agrees to go, even though she’s never been the adventurous type, unlike her namesake, Great-Aunt Bernice.

Matthew is a struggling screenwriter who needs a week off the grid to gain some inspiration for a new project and to process the reappearance of his absent father.

When the two meet at the trailhead, it’s annoyance at first sight. He’s dismayed to discover that he’ll have to share a tent with Bernie, who doesn’t know the first thing about camping, while she finds he’s a little too into “roughing it” to be a reasonable human being. But as they’re forced to hike through the wilderness together, their relationship becomes a surprising source of empathy and inspiration…and maybe other feelings too. Can the two adversaries find the path to breaking the curse of family expectations – and each other?


Bernie has been forced to take her vacation days. This is truly what she does NOT want to do. Her mother decides that she needs an adventure. So, she books Bernie on a hiking trip in Alaska. She thinks Bernie needs to start acting more like Great-Aunt Bernice. Bernie is named after her so she needs to be adventurous like her namesake.

The trip does not start off as planned. When Bernie arrives, she realizes she will have to share a tent with a cute guy named Matthew. Matthew is a struggling screen writer and he is on this trip to clear his head. He has no intentions of being stuck with someone who knows nothing about camping or hiking.

As you can guess, these two clash on a huge scale. I adore Bernie. She is a character after my own heart. She is an introvert, she loves smutty novels and she is the least adventurous person on this trip. But she has the best attitude. She basically rolls with whatever life throws at her. Then there is Matthew. He really has a great heart and it comes out as the novel moves along.

Give me a book set in Alaska and I am hooked. Add these great characters and cute little quips and you have a wonderful tale.

Need a cute, adorable read..THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel for a honest review.

Purchase Here

Barnes and Noble


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The Last Mona Lisa by Jonathan Santlofer @sourcebooks @jsantlofer #bookreview #fiction



“Unstoppable what-happens-next momentum.”—Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“A deliciously tense read.”—Ruth Ware, #1 New York Times bestselling author

From award-winning crime writer and celebrated artist Jonathan Santlofer comes an enthralling tale about the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, the forgeries that appeared in its wake, and the present-day underbelly of the art world.

August, 1911: The Mona Lisa is stolen by Vincent Peruggia. Exactly what happens in the two years before its recovery is a mystery. Many replicas of the Mona Lisa exist, and more than one historian has wondered if the painting now returned to the Louvre is a fake, switched in 1911.

Present day: Art professor Luke Perrone digs for the truth behind his most famous ancestor: Peruggia. His search attracts an Interpol detective with something to prove and an unfamiliar but curiously helpful woman. Soon, Luke tumbles deep into the world of art and forgery, a land of obsession and danger.

The Last Mona Lisa is a suspenseful and seductive tale, perfect for fans of the Netflix documentaries This Is A Robbery and Made You Look and readers obsessed with the world of art heists and forgeries.


Is the Mona Lisa a fake? Vincent Peruggia stole the painting in 1911. Was it ever properly replaced? Luke Perrone is determined to find out exactly what has happened. His research has triggered a warning at Interpol. Luke has managed to integrate himself into the world of art forgery and theft.

The history that runs throughout this novel is superb! It is very well researched and put together. The only reason for the 4 stars…and this is only my opinion…I did not feel as connected to the characters as I wanted to be. But, the art history and the way the author portrayed Florence and Paris, just took my breath away!

Need a good historical mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here

Barnes and Noble


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Sweet Tea by Piper Huguley @harlequinbooks #audio #audiobook #review #audiblebook #southernromance


A perfect heartwarming romance from Hallmark Publishing

Althea Dailey has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. So why doesn’t she feel more excited about it? She’s about to become the only woman – and the only Black person – to make partner at her prestigious law firm in New York City. When she has to travel South for a case, she pays a long-overdue visit back home to Milford, Georgia. To her surprise, a White man she’s never met has befriended her grandmother. 

Jack Darwent wasn’t interested in the definition of success dictated by his father and Southern high society. His passion for cooking led him to his current project: a documentary and cookbook about authentic Southern food. Althea’s grandmother is famous for her cooking at the historically Black Milford College, especially the annual May feast meal. But Althea suspects Jack of trying to steal her grandmother’s recipes. 

Although Althea and Jack don’t have the best first impressions of one another, they discover they have more in common than they’d guessed…and even as they learn about one another’s pasts, they both see glimmers of a better future. 

This heartwarming romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe.


Althea has finally achieved her dream. She has made partner in a prestigious law firm in New York. However, her first case as partner is taking her back to her past and to her home state of Georgia. This is exactly where she does not want to go! But, while she is in Georgia, she decides to take a long overdue visit to see her grandmother.

Althea finds her grandmother with a young gentleman named Jack. This sends Althea’s radar into overdrive. She is sure Jack is trying to steal her grandmother’s recipes for a profit.

Althea is a character not to be reckoned with. She is tough as nails and very intelligent. She and Jack do not see eye to eye on anything, except her grandmother.

Jack is a true southern gentleman with a kick. He loves to cook and he wants to preserve some of these wonderful southern recipes. When he and Althea get together…sparks fly!

The narrator of this story, Inger Tudor, did a pretty good job. I did not like how she softened her voice for Jack. I thought of Jack as tough and the softer voice just did not fit my image for him. She also mispronounced muscadines. She pronounced it muscadeens…GASP! You definitely could tell this narrator was not from the south. Now, these were minor issues. The story is what kept me listening. I enjoyed the history surrounding the recipes and the southern culture was spot on!

Need a sweet, enjoyable romance with great southern charm…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this audiobook from the publisher for a honest review.

Purchase Here


Barnes and Noble



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