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The Encanto
Book 1 of the LA Fog series
Arthur Swan

An ancient Mayan artifact, smuggled into Los Angeles, unexpectedly alters three lives in bizarre ways.

Gray, an aspiring artist struggling to provide for his family, Claire, his insomniac wife, and Ashley York, a wealthy socialite striving to make it as a real actress, find their paths crashing together, their dreams and their very identities threatened.

Meanwhile, Saul Parker, a detective and hobbyist magician who is self-conscious about his weight, strives to solve a strange case that seems impossible to comprehend.

Only Wayob, a mysterious chameleon-like killer, has a grasp on the dangerous power that has consumed his life and now infiltrates the others.

The Encanto, Book 1 of the LA Fog series, is an intricately woven, character-based mystery about how the choices we make inform our identity.


Detective Saul Parker is on the hunt for a killer. But, he doesn’t realize the killer is not of this world! It is an ancient Mayan artifact that has been smuggled into the city of Los Angeles. This artifact changes the lives of everyone it comes in contact with!

This book is a bit disjointed in places. It doesn’t read as smoothly as I like. But, in my opinion, it just adds to the intensity. And no, this is not my normal genre. But the ancient Mayan artifact is what attracted me to this story. I really expected more of a historical mystery when I picked this up. But, it is creepy and weird and perfect for a cold winter night wrapped in a blanket!

Need a good mystical story, THIS IS IT!

I received this novel for a honest review.


Arthur Swan was raised in North Carolina and now resides in Los Angeles, where his
“day job” is a Character Supervisor for Dreamworks. He has contributed to films ranging
from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ to ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’
In his spare time, when he’s not writing or swimming his morning laps, he volunteers for
Young Storytellers, enjoys fishing and fireworks with his favorite niece and nephew, and
on weekends he can be found hiking high climbs in early fog before the sun burns
through as mist vanishes to blue sky.
His first novel, Before the Sun Hits, won the ReaderViews Reader’s Choice Award.

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