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Plymouth, 1941. As sirens blare all around, the Shawbrook family takes refuge in a packed shelter. Bombs have already begun to fall through the night sky when they realize their infant son, Freddie, has been forgotten in the rush, left to sleep in his crib. Terrified, Vera, his young mother, races to find him and bring him to safety. 

The next morning, air-raid warden David Shawbrook returns from his watch to find the shelter pulverized, and his family seemingly all dead. Dirty footprints inside their home betray the looters who have rifled through the house. 

Meanwhile, Maggie waits alone for her husband. Since the death of her infant son, she passes her days at home with neither joy nor aim. But not this morning. For this morning her husband has brought home a child, found abandoned in the aftermath of the terrible raid – a child she is sure is the one she held in her arms so many months before.


The Shawbrook family has a plan for when the sirens go off. Everyone is responsible for somebody. So, when Vera was late one evening because she was partying, Freddie was not picked up out of his crib. He was left at home during the air raid. The next day, a cop happens to hear a baby crying inside the bombed house. He scoops up Freddie. Instead of taking him to one of the shelters, he takes him home to his depressed wife, Maggie.

As you can guess, this story twists around and due to some extreme circumstances, Maggie keeps this sweet baby to raise on her own. But, it does not stop any of his family from searching for him.

I enjoyed the hunt in this story. The process of elimination and the deductions were used to create a unique tale. You will just have to read this to find out how all this works out!

The only issue I had with the narrator was Vera’s voice. But, it may be that I just disliked Vera. But, when Vera was mad the narrator tended to get shrill. But, that is just minor. But, honestly it could be that I really disliked Vera. I found her overbearing and selfish. And sometimes…plain rude!

Need an all around good story…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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