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A suspenseful psychological drama about morality vs. friendship with a spellbinding mystery at its core – from the Amazon top 30 best-selling author of the Beatrice Stubbs series.

Over two decades, a group of former students reunite every other New Year. They celebrate their friendship and remember a tragic loss.

When it’s Gael’s turn to organise, she chooses a snowy chalet in the Swiss Alps. A striking resemblance to the frozen lake where it happened so many years ago.

Dhan was the jester of the group, a symbol of their charmed lives, until the night he disappeared, taking part of their future with him.

Now the time has come to ask new questions.

Gael was always the outsider. The one who wasn’t there when it happened.

And her instinct tells her some secrets remained untold. The darkest one is about to come to light. It will send a shockwave though their lives.

Truth comes at a price.


Every year a group of former students travel to a different place to get together to celebrate and reminisce. This year, a snow covered chalet, brings make that terrible tragedy where they lost one of their own!

This story has quite a few characters to keep up with. However, they are each unique and have their own little quirks. In other words, every single one is flawed and has their own issues. This really keeps the reader guessing!

This novel moves quickly and is definitely intense! Plus, it will down right make you mad at the end! I so wanted to hurt one of the characters! Don’t you love a story which can cause big emotions. This one does!

The narrators, Jess Nesling and Paul Panting did and excellent job with all the characters and their voices. I will be on the look out for more books narrated by these two!

Need a good thriller with a big twist! THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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