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Mark Pryor’s Die Around Sundown is the first entry in an exciting mystery series set in Paris during World War II, where a detective is forced to solve a murder while protecting his own secrets.

Summer 1940: In German-occupied Paris, Inspector Henri Lefort has been given just five days to solve the murder of a German major that took place in the Louvre Museum. Blocked from the crime scene but given a list of suspects, Henri encounters a group of artists, including Pablo Picasso, who know more than they’re willing to share.

With the clock ticking, Henri must uncover a web of lies while overcoming impossible odds to save his own life and prove his loyalty to his country. Will he rise to the task or become another tragic story of a tragic time?

Five days. One murder. A masterpiece of a mystery.


Inspector Henri Lefort has been ordered to solve a murder within 5 days or the Germans will make him pay. It is a race against time and it is almost an impossible task. But, as he starts to investigate, Henri begins to unravel lie upon lie!

At first I was not sure I was going to enjoy this novel. But, once I got invested in Henri’s character, I was hooked. Henri has had some tragedies in his past and he is very practical. I enjoyed his deductions and how he seems unfazed at the pressure of time he is under. He absolutely made this novel for me.

There is also a big ole twist towards the end. And it was not one I saw coming or expected. So…GET READY!

P.J. Ochlan is so matter of fact. He fit the character Henri so well! I just loved his narration.

Need a good mystery with a big twist…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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