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Art historian Cate Adamson, desperate to succeed to console her grieving parents, leaves the Midwest to complete her doctorate in New York—only to find herself assigned to an impossible sexist advisor. She struggles to impress him until she discovers a hidden painting, possibly a Baroque masterpiece. Risking her career, financial disaster, and further alienation from her family, she flees to Spain with the painting to consult art experts.

Antonio, an impoverished duke, meets Cate on the train to Seville, and joins her search while attempting to rescue the decaying legacy of his family. They find clues and uncover evidence that will shock the titans of art history, may destroy her prospects as an art historian, and shatter her future with Antonio.

Written with vivid prose, rich references to seventeenth century Spanish art, compelling characters and a historical puzzle, Attribution is the story of one contemporary woman’s journey to understand the past and unlock her future.


Cate is a struggling art history major. She cannot get her professor to give her credit or the attention she deserves. He only believes that the male art history students have what it takes. He is constantly shooting down Cate and her ideas for her thesis. However, during one of her jobs of cleaning out a storage room at her school, she discovers a rare painting. So, over Christmas break she decides to slip this beautiful painting out of the school and she takes it to Spain to have it analyzed.

Cate is a strong female character which I adored. Now, she has some ideas which she should have thought through. But, she is smart even if she is impetuous.

I absolutely loved learning about the art and the history of the painting. Add in the surprise surrounding the painting and you have a pretty dang good mystery unfolding in these pages!

Need a good artistic quest…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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