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Lizzy “Overachiever” Chung, Esq. doesn’t know the meaning of “can’t.” That is, she doesn’t until she passes out from a panic attack during her first trial. Her law firm gives her paid time-off to “relax,” but she has no clue how. Jack Park, her childhood friend, wants her to rediscover the iridescent joy she had pre-law school and college and convinces her to stay with him in Weldon. He’s been planning to move away from his parents’ loving but overprotective gaze and, more specifically, away from Weldon and his family’s brewery, but that can wait a few more weeks until his friend finds her footing again. But when an unexpected attraction flares between them while Lizzy tries to resuscitate a failing bookstore on Weldon, the two must choose between past dreams or their forever together. Sometimes the path to the rest of your life has been in front of you all along.


Lizzy is an attorney. She just won her first case. But, she is not enjoying her work at all. She decides to take a much needed vacation and she runs to her childhood best friend, Jack. Jack has plans of his own though. He has a secret. He is applying for a job close to where Lizzy lives. Hopefully if he succeeds, he and Lizzie will finally become more than friends

I have always had a problem with this author’s characters. She creates these smart individuals but then they are so stupid in their decision making. I really wanted to snap Jack bald headed during parts of this book. He has carried his torch for Lizzie for over 10 years…10 YEARS! And this went on for several chapters and I was like…YOU ARE A GROWN MAN…STEP UP! This is just one example of my frustration with this book.

Now, if I had physically read this book, it would have been a DNF. But I have more patience with audiobooks. So, I did finish it. Basically because of Lizzie’s love of books and the narrator, Cindy Kay.

Need a romance with a bookstore and a sweet setting…this is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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4 Responses to Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee @stmartinspress #romance #audiobook #bookreview @dreamscapeaudio

  1. macjam47 says:

    A really honest review, Reeca. I have a real problem with really smart people in real life who make the most insanely stupid decisions. I think I’ll pass on this one.
    I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care.

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