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In a sparkling social history, Skirts traces the shifting roles of women over the twentieth century through the era’s most iconic and influential dresses.

While the story of women’s liberation has often been framed by the growing acceptance of pants over the twentieth century, the most important and influential female fashions of the era featured skirts. Suffragists and soldiers marched in skirts; the heroines of the Civil Rights Movement took a stand in skirts. As women made strides towards equality in the vote, the workforce, and the world at large, their wardrobes evolved with them.

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell’s Skirts looks at the history of twentieth-century womenswear through the lens of game-changing styles like the little black dress and the Bar Suit, as well as more obscure innovations like the Taxi dress or the Pop-Over dress, which came with a matching potholder. These influential garments illuminate the times in which they were first worn—and the women who wore them—while continuing to shape contemporary fashion and even opening the door for a genderfluid future of skirts. At once an authoritative work of history and a delightfully entertaining romp through decades of fashion, Skirtscharts the changing fortunes, freedoms, and aspirations of women themselves.


Well y’all! Let me just say, this book was pretty dang good. And that is a shocker for me. I am not a nonfiction fan except for biographies. So, when I was sent this book for review, I just went…hmmmm. I mean, it is just a book about skirts. Since it was audible, I said…why not. And I am glad I did!

This is very well researched and I am amazed that one little change on a dress or a skirt could send the world into a tail spin. I loved learning all of this! Plus, this brought back quite a few memories from my early childhood. I never knew a lot of this while it was happening. So, I enjoyed learning and how some of these changes brought so much freedom!

The narrator, Sarah Welborn, is excellent, especially for a non fiction book. Very matter of fact and straight forward.

Need just a good book about the history of skirts…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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