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The fourth in Jess Montgomery’s evocative Kinship series, The Echoes combines exquisite storytelling with extraordinary crime plotting.

“A beautifully written tour de force.” (Linda Castillo on The Stills)

As July 4, 1928, approaches, Sheriff Lily Ross and her family look forward to the opening of an amusement park in a nearby town, created by Chalmer Fitzpatrick – a veteran and lumber mill owner. When Lily is alerted to the possible drowning of a girl, she goes to investigate, and discovers schisms going back several generations, in an ongoing dispute over the land on which Fitzpatrick has built the park.

Lily’s family life is soon rattled, too, with the revelation that before he died, her brother had a daughter, Esme, with a woman in France, and arrangements have been made for Esme to immigrate to the US to live with them. But Esme never makes it to Kinship, and soon Lily discovers that she has been kidnapped. Not only that, but a young woman is indeed found murdered in the fishing pond on Fitzpatrick’s property, at the same time that a baby is left on his doorstep.

As the two crimes interweave, Lily must confront the question of what makes family: Can we trust those we love? And what do we share, and what do we keep secret?


Lily, the local sheriff, has her hands full. There is a brand new amusement park about to open in her home town. Then, there is a murder and family disputes over the land where the park is located. On top of that, she has her own family drama when her niece never makes it to Kinship and she has possibly been kidnapped

Well! This is my first Jess Montgomery book…where have I been! Geez! I actually won a copy of one of her books last year and never read it. HEAD SLAP!

This is a story I am still thinking about. I loved Lily. Now, I will be honest, I figured this just could not happen in the 1920s. I thought, there is no way there was a female sheriff. Thanks to google…there were a few, very few, but it was not unheard of. So, give me a book with a strong female character and a book which has me looking up stuff and I am hooked.

I loved the twists and turns in this mystery. I did figure some of it out, or I thought I did…and low and behold…NOT! The story twisted. I also fell for little Esme. I really want a whole book devoted to her and her story.

This is also part of a series, book 4. And no, I have not read any of the others. I did not feel lost or confused at all. So this could be a stand alone.

Susan Bennett is the narrator and she did a fabulous job. I have added her to my narrator list.

Need a good historical mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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  1. tammysue66 says:

    Yay! This is such a great series, one of my favorites. Happy you picked this up and enjoyed it too Reeca! : )

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