Before He Kills Again by Margaret Murphy #audiobook #audiblebook #review @dreamscapeaudio


A serial predator is on the prowl in Liverpool—seven victims so far—and he’s already chosen his next one. 

The police can’t catch him. He leaves no trace. No one has been able to provide a reliable description. 

Detective Cassie Rowan goes undercover in a dangerous game of cat and mouse through the teeming backstreets of Liverpool. But how long will it be before he turns the tables and begins hunting her?


There is a killer loose in Cassie’s town. And she is determined to capture him at all costs. Even if it means her career or her life!

Cassie is the lead detective on this case. But, she is at a loss. This killer is smart. He is leaving at trail of bodies but very little evidence. And the closer she gets the more in danger she becomes.

This story just went on and on covering the same issue. Plus, I really did not like Cassie. I found her selfish and overbearing. She just really did get on my nerves. But…there was something about this tale which kept me reading.

The narrator, Bianca Amato is great. She kept the story moving along. She was especially good during the dramatic scenes.

Need a pretty good whodunnit…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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