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A “remarkable novel of family and love during a time of war” (New York Times best-selling author Karen White), Jenny Ashcroft’s Under the Golden Sun follows a soul-searching young woman who takes a leap of faith and discovers a place to call home and someone to share her heart.

England, 1941. The world is at war. London is under siege as the German blitz pounds the city without warning, without mercy. Rose Hamilton did her part as a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force until she was unfairly discharged following a tragic loss. Working as a secretary on a Devon farmland, Rose is out of harm’s way, but she needs to contribute to something greater than herself to truly recover.

Answering a newspaper advertisement for a companion to accompany an orphaned child to Australia, Rose becomes enchanted with four-year-old Walter Lucknow. Shy, imaginative, and kind, the boy lost his parents and has been living in near seclusion with his elder great aunt. As heir to a wealthy Australian cattle station, Walter must return to his homeland and his mother’s family.

Leaving her own family – and fiancé – Rose braves the long, dangerous voyage across Pacific waters where war is imminent to see Walter safely home. But upon arrival, Rose learns the truth about Walter’s relationship to the Lucknows and the land he’s supposed to inherit, a truth that haunts the boy’s uncle, Max, a wounded pilot scarred inside and out. And as Max opens his heart up to Walter, Rose is drawn to the man’s strength and compassion, finding herself torn between returning to England and staying with the child and man she’s grown to love.


Rose has taken a unique job. She has been hired to accompany a small child, Walter, on a trip to Australia. Walter has recently become and orphan and he is about to lose his only caregiver. So, he is being sent to Australia to be reunited with family.

Rose has fallen hard for this sweet little boy. She has become his biggest protector. So, when they arrive in Australia and are faced with some strange challenges, Rose is going to fight to protect him at all costs.

I loved Rose. When she is first introduced in this novel, I was a bit hesitant to like her. She seemed a bit scatterbrained and not very “with it”. But she grew on me. And I found her resilient and compassionate as the story moved along.

I very rarely say this. This is probably a book I would have enjoyed more if I had physically read it and not listened to it. I had a bit of trouble with some of the mundane details (I tend to skim those when I physically read a book) Usually these things don’t bother me much. But this story moved a bit slowly in certain areas. I wanted a faster pace and a bit more action.

I did enjoy the location. Australia is on my bucket list. Plus, the narrator, Olivia Dowd, did a great job. She has become one of my favorites.

Need a good story with a fabulous location…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest opinion.

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3 Responses to Under the Golden Sun by Jenny Ashcroft @macmillanaudio #audiobook #audiblebook #bookreview

  1. Loved the location too and the book.
    Sorry it wasn’t one for you.
    Nice Review.

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