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Christians around the globe are preparing for the upcoming Lenten season and the celebration of Easter in a time that is frightening and uncertain for many. In many places Christianity itself is under attack, as is the right of people to freely worship. In this season of reflection and spiritual preparation, what better story to contemplate than the lives of the early church leaders, who spread Christ’s message at a time of great peril and persecution?


In The Barabbas Trilogy, M.D. House has imagined the life Barabbas went on to live after being spared his sentence of death in exchange for Jesus Christ. His journey has intertwined with those of many of the apostles, including Paul, Peter and Luke, as they sacrificed everything to spread the Gospel throughout the world.


Now, author House concludes the story of Barabbas’ life in the final chapter of the trilogy, The Barabbas Legacy, which follows Barabbas and his wife Chanah as they continue their evangelistic mission across the known world as cauldrons of political and military chaos boil across the Roman Empire. 


About the novel, House says, “As I’ve journeyed with Barabbas, his family, the apostle Paul, and the centurion Cornelius, I remind myself that God loves each of his children equally, aiding them in the best ways possible in all ages of the earth. He sent his son to advocate for all of us, from our first earthly parents, Adam and Eve, to the very last baby born before the advent of Christ’s millennial reign. We may become discouraged amid hardship or persecution. The early saints struggled with it as well. But Christ is faithful, and there is nothing in our experiences or in our “modernity” that he doesn’t understand completely. Continued trust in him will be well-rewarded, both now and in the next life.”


After completing intensive historical research into the Roman Empire, House crafted a novel that works to give readers a sense of the world the early saints inhabited as they made their way through Rome and interacted with historical figures like Emperor Nero. As in the first two volumes, several notable historical figures and events are woven into Barabbas’ story, such as Nero, General Vespasian and his son Titus, and the final siege of Jerusalem.

About the author

M.D. House enjoyed a successful first career in the mysterious world of Corporate Finance, but creating and telling stories (and NOT about Finance) was his true love. His first full-length novel was a sci-fi work called “Patriot Star.” His second was historical fiction about the life of Barabbas, titled “I Was Called Barabbas.” Sequels to both are coming soon.

Writing isn’t just fun for him, it’s an important way to share his passion, beliefs and vision with family, friends, and anyone else who loves great storytelling with powerful human perspective and emotion.

Learn more about M.D. House and The Barabbas Legacy at www.mdhouselive.com. The Barabbas Legacy is available on Amazon.

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