The Wife Upstairs by Freida McFadden @dreamscapeaudio #audiobook #audiblebook #bookreview


Victoria Barnett has it all.

A great career as a nurse practitioner. A handsome and loving husband. A beautiful home in the suburbs and a plan to fill it with children. Life is perfect—or so it seems.

Then she’s in a terrible accident… and everything falls apart.

Now Victoria is unable to walk. She can’t feed or dress herself. She can’t even speak. She is confined to the top floor of her house with twenty-four-hour care.

Sylvia Robinson is hired by Victoria’s husband to help care for her. But it turns out Victoria isn’t as impaired as Sylvia was led to believe. There’s a story Victoria desperately wants to tell… if only she could get out the words.

Then Sylvia discovers Victoria’s diary hidden away in a drawer.

And what’s inside is shocking.


Sylvia has been hired to be a companion for Victoria. It is a job she just can’t pass up. It comes with housing and a good deal of money. And well, Sylvia is broke! When Sylvia arrives and the estate, she realizes she is officially isolated and the place just has a creepy feel. But, she befriends Victoria and Sylvia settles in. But, it is not to last! Things start to change after she starts to read Victoria’s diary!

Well! Life in this household is not what anyone would expect. Victoria has a brain injury from a fall down the stairs. Her husband, Adam, has decided to take care of her at home instead of putting her in a nursing home. This just endears him to everyone, including Sylvia. Plus, Adam is hot and very nice. But as Sylvia starts to discover, nothing is as it seems!

This story started out fabulously but then it tended to get a little predictable, probably because this plot has been used in several novels before. But, the narrator, Angie Kane, did an such an excellent job with all the drama that she completely kept me pulled into the story. Plus..her interpretation of the voice of Victoria….fantastic! That was tough to master!

Need a good, twisted novel…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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