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The past and the present collide in the final installment of USA Today bestselling author Debra Webb’s Devlin & Falco series, threatening everything these two detectives care about.

Birmingham detectives Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco arrive at the scene of a double homicide to discover that nothing makes sense. A woman and her child are dead, and though the husband says he killed them, the evidence says otherwise. Why would a man confess to unspeakable murders he didn’t commit?

What starts as an open-and-shut case explodes into a web of new leads. Devlin and Falco get to work tracking down every single one—including a disturbing connection between the murders and Falco’s dark past.

Falco knows the incident from eight years ago will jeopardize the partnership he’s built with Devlin, both on and off the job. If he could go back, he would—but what happened happened, and there’s a murderer on the loose. Devlin and Falco must slog through the pain to get to the truth; and so far the only truth they know is that everyone is lying.


Kerri and Luke have been called to investigate a double homicide. A mother and her child are dead because of a terrible fire. The fire was arson. The deeper they get into the investigation the more they realize everyone is lying.

I really enjoy this series. Basically because I am sort of in love with Luke. He has such a bad past but he has a huge heart and he wants to be the best he can be. Luke’s past is ever present in this novel. And it just might come back to bite him! You must read this to find out!

This is just and all around good mystery which will have you wondering what the devil is about to happen…I mean bad cops and all! And what kind of secret are these grandmothers keeping! Geez!

This story keeps you guessing until the end…basically because no one is telling the truth!

Need a good mystery with a kick! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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