May Escapes and Escapades #wrapup #escapesandescapades #maywrapup

The escapades for May!

We had an exciting and STRESSFUL May! My daughter got married and the reception was at OUR HOUSE! Talk about stressful but dang…IT WAS FUN!

And what a relief it was when it was over!

Peanut melted with relief!

Now on to the


Crescent City Moon
The Summer of Lost and Found
Leaving Coy’s Hill
Local Woman Missing
The Woman with the Blue Star
The Clover Girls
Talk Bookish to Me
Strange Love
When in Vanuatu
Musical Chairs
The Sound Between the Notes

I had a fabulous reading month! What did you read and enjoy? Inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks for stopping by!

About fredreeca

I am an avid reader and paper crafter. I am a mom of 2 children, 5 dogs and 1 cat. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals Fan
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4 Responses to May Escapes and Escapades #wrapup #escapesandescapades #maywrapup

  1. tsa66 says:

    Oh how exciting, congratulations Reeca!! 💗☺️

  2. I’m amazed that you got through all those books, especially with a wedding at your house! Congrats to your daughter.

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