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An American tourist finds himself obsessed with a young Costa Rican woman in this novel by the author of Searching for Bobby Fischer and Deep Water Blues.

Narrated by a man vacationing in a remote fishing village on the spectacular Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Strange Lovetells a story of disappointments, unusual desires, and the things people will do when their dreams haven’t materialized in the ways they had hoped.

The man once imagined himself as a great novelist like his heroes Philip Roth and John Updike. Instead, he has spent thirty years working as an exterminator in filthy basements and elevator shafts. The young woman he meets in Costa Rica, Rachel, grew up in the shadow of poverty, loss, and trauma, yet she possesses an uncanny talent for storytelling, the very gift the man himself lacks. Now, along with her sister, she has pieced together a life running the Fragata Lounge, a ramshackle bar on the beach, where their aunt flirts with the American tourist and not-so-subtly reminds Rachel that her youthful appeal is fleeting, her chance to escape this place diminishing with each passing day.

As Rachel shares her story with the man, he is mesmerized—by her beauty, the details of her past, and the way she tells of them. Soon he finds himself hinting that he is in fact the wildly successful author he once dreamed of being—and that he has the power to change her life . . .


Rachel is struggling through life in Costa Rica. She has always hoped life would be different. And so do most of her patrons in her lounge. But, as life tends to keep people in their place, it has definitely decided this is where Rachel belongs.

This is such a unique and compelling read. I love the author’s prose. He opens the readers eyes to the poverty and the survival instincts needed. Plus, the attraction between the characters is something different. I could not help but be captivated. Now, this is a strange almost disjointed read. But, there is something about this story. It will not be soon forgotten.

Need an uncommon read…this is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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