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A multigenerational saga that traverses the glamour of old Hollywood and the seductive draw of modern-day showbiz

When Kitty Karr Tate, a White icon of the silver screen, dies and bequeaths her multimillion-dollar estate to the St. John sisters, three young, wealthy Black women, it prompts questions. Lots of questions.

A celebrity in her own right, Elise St. John would rather focus on sorting out Kitty’s affairs than deal with the press. But what she discovers in one of Kitty’s journals rocks her world harder than any other brewing scandal could—and between a cheating fiancé and the fallout from a controversial social media post, there are plenty.

The truth behind Kitty’s ascent to stardom from her beginnings in the segregated South threatens to expose a web of unexpected family ties, debts owed, and debatable crimes that could, with one pull, unravel the all-American fabric of the St. John sisters and those closest to them.

As Elise digs deeper into Kitty’s past, she must also turn the lens upon herself, confronting the gifts and burdens of her own choices and the power that the secrets of the dead hold over the living. Did You Hear About Kitty Karr? is a sprawling thriller set against the backdrop of the Hollywood machine, an insightful and nuanced look at the inheritances of family, race, and gender—and the choices some women make to break free of them.

A Macmillan Audio production from Henry Holt and Company.


Kitty has been sent away by her mother to Hollywood. She wants more for Kitty than what is available at home. See, Kitty has a white father and a black mother. But, Kitty has a white skin tone. Her mother knows she can have the life of her dreams away from the south where everyone knows her background.

This is more of a 3.5 star read. I, of course, rounded up! It is a bit long and it tends to drag in the middle. It could have been cut by about 100 pages probably. That being said, I did enjoy Kitty. She is truly a tough woman in a terrible time.

I learned a great deal in this book. I knew quite a bit. But, I didn’t know the lengths many people went to hide what they really are. So, the secrets and the manipulation really add to the intensity of this story.

The narrators are excellent. This is probably why enjoyed this book more than I would have if I had physically read it. There are three narrators and each one created amazing voices!

Need a story with so many secrets…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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