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I know what you did. You destroyed my life. Now I’m going to take everything from you, starting with your husband. I’m your worst nightmare, and I’m closer than you think. 

Moving to Prospect Close has been everything I’d hoped for. In the city, Oliver and I barely saw each other, irritable at home and rushing around after the kids. But here, the neighbors have been so friendly and welcoming, and we’re now at barbeques and playdates every weekend, all together, as a family. It’s the type of life I always dreamed of. One that’s a million miles from…before. Not that Oliver would know anything about that.

But recently Oliver has been behaving strangely–staying out late, working weekends, and absent even when home. I don’t want to question our idyllic life, but when I find a receipt for a hotel room, including champagne, in his coat pocket, what else can I assume other than he’s cheating?

Or could it be even worse than that? What if the past isn’t just haunting me, it’s coming back to destroy me?

Because yesterday I received an anonymous note. One that changes everything. It seems that someone in Prospect Close knows my secret. Someone who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get their revenge, including stealing my husband. Unless I can find them first….

Astonishing, compelling with a jaw-dropping twist, if you love Lisa Jewell, K. L. Slater, and Jackie Kabler, you’ll love The Mistress Next Door.


Tilly has gone missing. Harriet looks away for a brief second and she is gone. She is found a short time later and everyone thinks Harriet’s child just wandered off. But Harriet knows there is more. She keeps getting these strange notes threatening her with her past and her secrets.

Ok, before we get started there are just a few issues, and yes I did enjoy the book. But, I did not like the narrator’s voice for the child. Luckily the child did not speak very much. Then there is Oliver. I was not a big fan of this man on several levels. But, these are minor issues and they are MY issues. Just some thoughts that stuck with me throughout listening to this novel.

Harriet really tries to keep it together. I struggled right along with her. But she has some big secrets herself that she is not sharing. Then she discovers the receipt in Oliver’s jacket and her world starts to slowly disintegrate. Then it totally explodes and her past comes out.

I really enjoyed how this story unfolded. And I loved guessing about Harriet’s past. (And yes, I guessed most of it!). This is a pretty entertaining mystery with a big ole twist at the end!

Need a good novel with very good secrets…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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