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1885, London, England. When Violet’s Aunt Adelia decides to abscond with her newest paramour, she leaves behind her role as the most popular Agony Aunt in London, Miss Hermione, in Violet’s hands. And of course, the first letter Violet receives is full, not of prissy pondering, but of portent: Ivy Armstrong is in need of help and fears for her life. But when Violet visits the village from which the letter was posted, she finds Ivy dead. Soon Violet discovers that when you represent the best-loved Agony Aunt in Britain, both marauding husbands and murder are par for the course.


Violet has been left in charge of Miss Hermione. Miss Hermione is an advice column located in London. The very first letter she receives sends Violet on a trip to discover the problem. It tends to be more than she bargained for.

This story reminds me a great deal of Agatha Christie. It is overly dramatic in places and it is a bit predictable. Yes, I find Agatha Christie’s novels the same way. But, that does not mean it does not serve its purpose.

I did love the time period and Violet is definitely a strong, smart woman. She is also nosey enough to get herself into a spot of trouble. I also found Violet’s sister, (I have forgotten her name) an absolute riot. And the narrator played her so well. She fit this time period to a “T”.

So, need a trip down the Agatha Christie trail…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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