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The audiobook features a bonus conversation between Gregg Hurwitz and #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner, author of the award-winning Detective D. D. Warren novels.

Evan Smoak returns in The Last Orphan, the latest New York Times bestselling Orphan X thriller—when everything changes and everything is at risk.

As a child, Evan Smoak was plucked out of a group home, raised and trained as an off-the-books assassin for the government as part of the Orphan program. When he broke with the program and went deep underground, he left with a lot of secrets in his head that the government would do anything to make sure never got out.

When he remade himself as The Nowhere Man, dedicated to helping the most desperate in their times of trouble, Evan found himself slowly back on the government’s radar. Having eliminated most of the Orphans in the program, the government will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat they see in Evan. But Orphan X has always been several steps ahead of his pursuers.

Until he makes one little mistake…

Now the President has him in her control and offers Evan a deal—eliminate a rich, powerful man she says is too dangerous to live and, in turn, she’ll let Evan survive. But when Evan left the Program he swore to only use his skills against those who really deserve it. Now he has to decide what’s more important—his principles or his life.


Evan has slipped up, made a mistake and he has been captured. He is now back in government custody. And it comes with a price. He is offered an ultimatum. He must take out a powerful, dangerous man. The president does not care what it costs Evan. This man must go!

Evan is a conundrum. He has been from the beginning of this series. He is freaking tough and will kill at a drop of a hat. But, he has one of the softest hearts! Heck…I am more than halfway in love with him!

This story has everything you would expect from an orphan X novel….intensity, fear and definitely drama. I do not see how this has not been picked up for television or a movie!

This is one of my all time favorite series. I have read every one! But, I do prefer to listen to them. Scott Brick is one of my favorite narrators of all time. And he IS ABSOLUTELY Orphan X!

Need a fabulous thriller…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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