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It all begins with a simple invitation.

For five authors, it’s meant to be the start of a restful week, filled with free food, drinks, and like-minded company. But shortly after their arrival, things take an unsettling turn.

Broken property, missing items, and strange noises are just some of the odd occurrences that have each member questioning their companions. As suspicions mount, the authors are pitted against each other.

Whom can they trust in a house full of strangers?

With tensions rising, the writers find themselves in the middle of their own mystery. Death, terror, and despair are common elements in their books, but at Black Hills Manor, the murders being plotted are their own…


Five authors have been invited to attend a writing retreat. They each hope this relaxing vacation will get the creative juices flowing. But, as things start to mysteriously disappear and odd occurances begin to happen, tempers flare, no one knows who to trust.

There are quite a few characters. But, the author did a great job keeping them separate and believable. This can be tough. Nevertheless, each character has qualities which are easy to identify and keep them unique.

I especially enjoyed the setting. A creepy house that is set in the woods and it has a murderous past. I mean…what’s not to like! And the intensity just keeps building as you keep moving along. As a reader you just keep wondering what exactly is going on and when is it all going to explode!

I have read quite a few books by this author. Kiersten is a solid author with quite a few really good thrillers under her belt.

The narrator, Carly Robins, did a very good job, especially with all the voices.

Need a book which has a big secret…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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