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On the one-year anniversary of her wedding, Colbie Moore’s life looks nothing like it should. Still grieving the loss of the man she meant to spend her life with, she prepares for a weekend away to take her mind off her heartache, but the simple plan results in much more than she bargained for.

A box of letters, meant for the bride and groom to open on their anniversary, is instead opened by Colbie and her three best friends—Miles, James, and Eric—and what it holds could ruin everything.

A mysterious note from a surprising sender is shocking, propelling Colbie down a dark path to discover the truth about the man she loved—his life and his death—before it’s too late. As the mystery unravels, she begins to question everyone around her. What was Phil hiding from her when he died? What secrets are still hidden?

The closer she gets to answers the clearer it becomes that someone has gone to great lengths to protect their lies. And if she pushes any more, everything she has left could be exactly what she stands to lose. Is it worth risking everything to truly know the man she’s already lost? After all, she’s been warned…she might not be able to handle what she finds.


Colbie’s one year wedding anniversary is right around the corner. It is the anniversary of a wedding that didn’t actually happen. Her groom-to-be collapsed and died right before the ceremony. But, Colbie has always had questions about that day. When she decides to read the letters meant for the bride and groom for their first anniversary, she finds one that sends her whole world into a complete tailspin.

Well, when this story began, I had no idea this would happen! Talk about lies and deceptions from just about everyone! And to be honest, I think that Colbie is just way to naive to go through life. I think she missed a lot of clues! And some of her decisions are just a bit questionable and selfish. But you will have to read this to find out. It is definitely a story which will have you guessing and then cussing because of a character’s lie!

The narrator, Subhadra Newton, did a great job, especially with all the voices. And there are quite a few friends and family in this tale!

Need a good “what the heck is going on!” book…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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