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From New York Times and bestselling author of Sold on a Monday comes a riveting tale of a woman whose recruitment to British intelligence during WWII leads to a harrowing journey of love, betrayal, and a deadly game of chance

Haunted by an unfathomable tragedy in a Michigan copper-mining town, Fenna Vos has learned to focus on her own survival, even as World War II rages on. Now, she performs with an escape artist. Her honed ability to control her surroundings and elude entrapments, physical or otherwise, helps her run from the trauma of her youth.

Then, Fenna is recruited by British intelligence. Tasked with creating escape tools to thwart the Germans, MI9 seeks those with specialized skills for a war nearing its breaking point. Though reluctant, Fenna joins an unconventional group of inventors and proves herself worthy of the cause. But for Fenna, delving deeper into the fray means a pivotal confrontation with her past, and the stakes are more treacherous than she ever imagined.


Fenna is an escape artist. She has been recruited by British intelligence. She is tasked with creating escape tactics and unique tools to help win the war. However, during one of her missions, she ends up trying to rescue her childhood friend and his niece. She is determined to get them back home safely.

Fenna is a very strange character and I enjoyed her very much. I loved her talent and her particular skills. She uses them to her advantage on numerous occasions.

Now, just know I am in the minority on this one. This has a lot of great ratings and reviews. So, just take this however you see fit. This story is just WAY TOO LONG, in my opinion. There were places I was like, “get on with it!” And then there were places which were extremely intense and mesmerizing. But in this case, the bad out weighed the good. Too many dead spots and too many places the author stated the obvious.

Now, I loved Sold on a Monday! So, this review is probably more about my mood than the author. I did love the WWII setting and learning about the magic tricks and how MI9 used these for espionage. Pretty unique!

The narrator, Cassandra Campbell did a very good job. She even did a superb job with the child’s voice. That is a stickler with me. She did pretty dang great!

Need a historical fiction story with a magical edge…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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