The Boyfriend by Daniel Hurst #thriller #fiction #audiobook #audiblebook @dreamscapeaudio


Adele has had a colorful romantic past, but she’s finally found her soulmate in Tom. They’re engaged, and she’s looking forward to a future of blissful happiness. 

But then she realizes her ex-boyfriends are turning up dead. 

At first, the deaths seem accidental, but soon a sinister pattern emerges. All of Adele’s former partners are being killed off—in the order she dated them. As the body count grows, Adele has to figure out who is doing this and why. 

Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until the killer gets to Tom…


When Adele’s previous boyfriends start to die, she starts to question. She cannot imagine they are all dying and no one is causing it. But the police do not believe her…until they do! Then life changes and she must protect her fiancé!

I liked Adele’s tenacity. She knows something is going on but she just can’t nail down who or why. The author did a twist on me and added a new character at the end. I was all over the place guessing who did what to whom. I should have known I didn’t have all the information!

This is a wonderful chase! I enjoy a book which has me wondering and guessing and this one did just that!

The narrators, Lorna Bennett and Chris Devon made a fabulous tag team. I really like a book when there are two narrators. It just makes the voices more real!

Need a good who done it!!! THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.


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