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Cara is a devoted mother to two little girls. She loves her hectic life, but she looks forward to a relaxing weekend alone while her husband, Michael, takes the kids on a camping trip. But their dream trip turns into a nightmare when their daughters are taken, deep in the forest. 

One is returned safely. But one is still missing. As Cara and Michael frantically search for their little girl, it becomes clear that this is no random abduction—her disappearance is linked to shocking secrets that are only now being revealed. Soon Cara begins to how well she really knows her husband. Is the stress making her paranoid? Or is she finally seeing him as he really is? Time is running out. How far will Cara go to find her daughter?


Cara happily sent off her husband and two little girls to go camping. She plans to spend the weekend reading and relaxing. But, it turns into the worst weekend of her life. Both her girls are kidnapped. After one is returned, it is becomes apparent that this is not random. Cara begins to suspect something about Michael.

Cara is a hectic mom, as most moms are. But, when her kids are kidnapped, she turns into a bear and she is not going to leave a stone unturned. She slowly starts to unravel Michael’s past. She discovers Michael has never been who he says he is.

I enjoyed the intensity and the mystery surrounding Michael. I love how the author created such a wicked story. I liked Michael at first…but then…you will have to read this to find out!

I also enjoyed how the narrators, Natalie Duke and Wayne Mitchell tag teamed this story line. It made the story more real to my ears!

Need a good mystery, thriller which will give you all the emotions…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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