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Florence Winslow wakes up in hospital to the news that she has killed a man. On the way to visit her in-laws in rural Connecticut, a car comes out of an unseen junction and ploughs into her. The driver is killed, and Florence is lucky to be alive. 

Dylan Bodine, a young detective in the Torrington PD, feels she was extremely lucky. Too lucky? Something about the accident doesn’t add up. As he and his partner, experienced Senior Detective Carrie Fuller, whose last case this is, start to dig deeper, they realize that Florence isn’t just anyone. She’s the estranged daughter-in-law of Lyndon Winslow, head of one of the wealthiest and most influential families in America. 

Why had she been invited to visit Lyndon and his children after all these years apart? Why was she taking that particular slower route to the family house? Why was the dead driver carrying no ID? When they learn that Lyndon is dying and his vast fortune is at stake, they realize that things are a lot murkier than they seem and no one is to be trusted.


Florence has been in an car accident. But, the more the police learn, the more they realize this is not a normal accident. The driver of the other car had no ID. The deeper the detectives dig the more dangerous this case becomes.

This story revolves around family and money! As you can guess, Lyndon is loaded! And he controls the purse strings. So, when he changes his will, it changes all the family dynamics. And this puts Florence in the cross hairs.

This story is intense and intriguing. Nothing like someone in the family losing billions to an in law to make murder come into play. But, the question is…which family member is responsible…you will need to read this to find out.

Nan McNamara narrated this novel. She did a great job with the intensity and all the voices.

Need a good family drama…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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