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I can’t remember anything. Not even my own name.”

When Mia James is washed up on a beautiful, sun-drenched beach, she has no idea who she is or what happened to her. She doesn’t even recognize her own face–until her boyfriend, Piers, comes forward, providing her with an identity. 

Piers is handsome and attentive, Mia’s home is huge and stylish, and her friends are eager to help her fill in the blanks. As Mia steps into the perfect life she was living before her accident, she should feel lucky to be alive. But she struggles to adjust, lost for words around people she is meant to know and love, grasping for clues about who she really is. 

And as her memories slowly return, Mia realizes something is very wrong. Her neighbors are avoiding her, her emails have all been wiped, and she is haunted by the face of a woman standing by the water. Too many things just don’t seem to add up, and she begins to question those closest to her….

What if nearly drowning didn’t happen by accident? 

How does she know who to trust, when she’s not even sure she can trust herself?  

From the million-copy best-selling author of The Secret Mother and The Perfect Family, this completely addictive psychological thriller will have you racing through until the final jaw-dropping twist. If you loved Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and The Wife Between Us, this book is for you.


Mia has washed ashore and she has absolutely no memories. She doesn’t know who she is or how she ended up on the beach. But, as her flashbacks start to fill in the gaps, she realizes there is no one she can trust. Not even herself.

This was almost a 5 star read for me. But, the main character, Mia, is just a bit too naive, especially at the beginning. Yes, I understand she lost her memories and that is one of the most appealing parts of the book. But, she is so trusting…not sure a true person in this situation would be so unquestioning about certain situations.

I flew through this book. I even listened at work (a rare occurrence!). But I truly had to find out where this story was going. Plus, the ending did surprise me…that’s rare too! This story is fast paced and definitely intriguing!

The narrator, Katie Villa, is fabulous! Great job on the pacing and all the different voices!

Need a unique thriller with a surprise ending…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this audiobook from the publisher for a honest review.

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