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Twenty years ago, Tansy was drawn to Selene’s hard edges, her grit, and her knack for survival. Since then, the confused tangle of guilt about covering up a murder shattered their friendship, and even now, at 38, Tansy has never come to terms with what happened that night. 

But now, Selene is back, demanding her old friend repay her. Selene’s daughter, Jupiter, attends the college where Tansy works as a guidance counselor. Selene is convinced that Jupiter’s boyfriend, Colton, is abusive and wants Tansy to intervene. As she is drawn back into the intensity of Selene’s world, Tansy discovers the ugly truth about Colton. But Tansy suspects there’s far more to the story, and now she’ll finally have to confront Selene once and for all.


Tansy just had a surprise visitor. A blast from her dark past. Selene. Selene has come to collect on a debt from years ago. She wants Tansy to help with her daughter, Jupiter. Jupiter has cut all ties to Selene because she is in an abusive relationship. Tansy is not really equipped to help in this situation. But, because of their cryptic past, she decides she must do something!

There are a lot of moving parts to this tale. But, it is a bit contrived…maybe that’s not exactly the word I am looking for. I knew what was coming, there were no real surprises. Plus, I expected more out of Selene. She is the “crazy” one. As a reader, I expected a bit more drama from her.

The narrator, Emily Ellet, really kept the story moving for me. I just expected more dramatic sequences. But, I did love the characters, especially Jupiter. I felt for her situation and her growing up years were no piece of cake!

Need a good mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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