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I know seven dirty secrets: One caused the fall. One did nothing. One saw it all. One didn’t care. One used their head. One played the hero. One was left for dead.

On her 18th birthday, Cleo receives a mysterious invitation to a scavenger hunt. She’s sure her best friend, Hope, or her brother, Connor, is behind it, but no one confesses. And as Cleo and Hope embark on the hunt, the seemingly random locations and clues begin to feel familiar. In fact, all of the clues seem to be about Cleo’s dead boyfriend, Declan, who drowned on a group rafting trip exactly a year ago: a bracelet she bought him, a song he loved, a photo of the rafting group, taken just before Declan drowned. 

And then the phone calls start, Declan’s voice taunting Cleo with a cryptic question: You ready? As the clock on the scavenger hunt ticks down, it becomes clear that someone knows what really happened to Declan. And that person will stop at nothing to make sure Cleo and her friends pay. Can they solve the hunt before someone else winds up dead?


It is Cleo’s birthday! A gift with a strange message is left in the bathroom while she is in the shower. She calls everyone she knows and no one has left it for her. So, she and her best friend decide to follow the message in the gift. Well, this leads them on a scavenger hunt with a possible deadly end!

Talk about intense! This story is intense from front to back! Cleo is a young girl with a tragic past. The author does a fabulous job slowly untangling Cleo’s past for the reader. This just adds to the intensity, add in the creepy gifts that keep arriving for the scavenger hunt, my stomach was in knots! And then the ENDING! OH MY!

The narrator, Natasha Soudek, absolutely MADE this book. She became the character Cleo. I am now on the look out this narrator. She is one of the best! And, I have never read this author (oh my!) I have now added her books to my tbr list!

Need a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this from the publisher for a honest review.

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2 Responses to Seven Dirty Secrets by Natalie D. Richards #audible #audiobook #5starreview @dreamscapeaudio @natdrichards

  1. Vaughn says:

    Great review. This tells enough to get interested, not enough to “see how it comes out.” Well done.

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