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Romeo and Juliet tale for Hamilton fans.

Love, Theodosia is a smart, funny, swoony take on a fiercely intelligent woman (Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosia) with feminist ideas and ideals far ahead of her time. Not only a work of well-researched historical fiction, but a refreshing spin on the Hamiltonian era and the characters we have grown to know and love so well. Goldstein shines a bright light on Theodosia, who has long deserved center stage, a young woman struggling to be heard in a turbulent time for our nation. It’s also a heartbreaking romance of two star-crossed lovers, an achingly bittersweet “what if”.

In Love Theodosia, Alexander Hamilton’s son Philip and Burr’s daughter Theodosia become smitten, though she is engaged to an artist and Philip is a rakish cad. But the two find each other’s intellect irresistible, and in what unrolls like a Jane Austen novel of manners we find ourselves entangled with the Hamilton family once again as the children of famous enemies are driven together despite every reason not to be.


Theodosia is the daughter of Aaron Burr. And this comes with some baggage. Her mother has passed away and Theodosia must stand in her place beside her father during all his political ambitions. This puts a huge strain on her life. But, when she falls in love with her dad’s arch enemy’s son, Philip, it changes all of her thoughts and perceptions.

Theodosia is a strong female character back when females were considered simpering idiots. However, she fought against the norm the best way she knew how. She wrote articles under a pen name to help women. So, to say I loved her…that is putting it mildly. I found her fascinating and very intelligent.

This is my least favorite time period, early America. But, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved learning about how politics worked back then (not much has changed!) I also enjoyed reading about the daily life of Theodosia and what kind of pawn she became. I fluctuated between 4 and 5 stars. The only reason I settled on 4 was because it was a bit long and parts were a little overly dramatic. Now, this could be attributed to the narrator. But, I didn’t get that as an overall feeling from the book.

I did enjoy the narrator, Allyson Voller. She was excellent with all the male voices, tough to do!

Need a very good historical novel…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this audiobook from the publisher for a honest review.

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