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Masha remembers her childhood in the former USSR but found her life and heart in Israel. Anna was just an infant when her family fled, but yearns to find her roots. When Anna is contacted by a stranger from their homeland and then disappears, Masha is called home to Milwaukee to find her. 

In 2008, college student Anna feels stuck in Milwaukee, with no real connections and parents who stifle her artistic talents. She is eager to have a life beyond the heartland. When she’s contacted online by a stranger from their homeland – a girl claiming to be her long-lost sister – Anna suspects a ruse or an attempt at extortion. But her desperate need to connect with her homeland convinces her to pursue the connection. At the same time, a handsome grifter comes into her life, luring her with the prospect of a nomadic lifestyle. 

Masha lives in Israel, where she went on Birthright and unexpectedly found home. When Anna disappears without a trace, Masha’s father calls her back to Milwaukee to help find Anna. In her former home, Masha immerses herself in her sister’s life – which forces her to recall the life she, too, left behind and to confront her own demons. What she finds in her search for Anna will change her life, and her family, forever.


Masha has returned from Israel at her father’s insistence. He is desperate for Masha to find her sister, Anna. Anna went missing after contact with a lady from their home country. This young lady claims to be a long lost sister.

Talk about a dysfunctional family. These two young ladies stole my heart. Both of these sisters are doing everything they can to escape the pressures of their home life. They both, at different times, move out and end up living a unique, bohemian lifestyle. Anna and Masha are good girls just trying to become who they need to be, not who their father WANTS them to be. This causes such friction. Then, Anna is contacted by this strange woman with a strange claim. This throws everything she knows about her dad into question.

This story is very intriguing. With all the strange, Bohemian characters, the grifters and the train hoppers. I didn’t even know people still did that.

The narrators are Zura Johnson and Caitlin Kelly. They are probably the reason this story is a 5 star audiobook. They really brought the characters to life. I was amazed at the mixed reviews this novel has received. I guess listening to it is the way to go. It was a 5star read for me from start to finish.

Need an audiobook you will not soon forget…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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