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A perfect heartwarming romance from Hallmark Publishing

Althea Dailey has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. So why doesn’t she feel more excited about it? She’s about to become the only woman – and the only Black person – to make partner at her prestigious law firm in New York City. When she has to travel South for a case, she pays a long-overdue visit back home to Milford, Georgia. To her surprise, a White man she’s never met has befriended her grandmother. 

Jack Darwent wasn’t interested in the definition of success dictated by his father and Southern high society. His passion for cooking led him to his current project: a documentary and cookbook about authentic Southern food. Althea’s grandmother is famous for her cooking at the historically Black Milford College, especially the annual May feast meal. But Althea suspects Jack of trying to steal her grandmother’s recipes. 

Although Althea and Jack don’t have the best first impressions of one another, they discover they have more in common than they’d guessed…and even as they learn about one another’s pasts, they both see glimmers of a better future. 

This heartwarming romance includes a free Hallmark original recipe.


Althea has finally achieved her dream. She has made partner in a prestigious law firm in New York. However, her first case as partner is taking her back to her past and to her home state of Georgia. This is exactly where she does not want to go! But, while she is in Georgia, she decides to take a long overdue visit to see her grandmother.

Althea finds her grandmother with a young gentleman named Jack. This sends Althea’s radar into overdrive. She is sure Jack is trying to steal her grandmother’s recipes for a profit.

Althea is a character not to be reckoned with. She is tough as nails and very intelligent. She and Jack do not see eye to eye on anything, except her grandmother.

Jack is a true southern gentleman with a kick. He loves to cook and he wants to preserve some of these wonderful southern recipes. When he and Althea get together…sparks fly!

The narrator of this story, Inger Tudor, did a pretty good job. I did not like how she softened her voice for Jack. I thought of Jack as tough and the softer voice just did not fit my image for him. She also mispronounced muscadines. She pronounced it muscadeens…GASP! You definitely could tell this narrator was not from the south. Now, these were minor issues. The story is what kept me listening. I enjoyed the history surrounding the recipes and the southern culture was spot on!

Need a sweet, enjoyable romance with great southern charm…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this audiobook from the publisher for a honest review.

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