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Carolyn Haines’s Tell-Tale Bones marks the next novel in the series that Kirkus Reviews characterizes as “Stephanie Plum meets the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” featuring sassy Southern private investigator Sarah Booth Delaney.

Private Investigator Sarah Booth Delaney and her partner Tinkie are in Sheriff Coleman Peters’s office, consulting Coleman about cold cases, when Elisa Redd storms in with a case of her own. She wants Coleman to reopen the investigation of her missing daughter, Lydia Redd Maxell, the heiress to a large fortune who disappeared along with her friend Bethany nearly seven years ago. Lydia and Bethany were rumored to be working as human rights organizers abroad, but Elisa suspects Lydia’s problems might have stemmed closer to home. Now Lydia’s husband, Tope, is set to inherit the fortune, and Elisa believes he’s behind the disappearance.

Sarah Booth and Tinkie soon connect the case to a series of mysterious disappearances over the years, as well as to a perplexing recurring dream. With another woman’s life at stake, the friends follow an increasingly twisty trail all over Sunflower County, leading them to a tree and an empty grave in the county cemetery. A grave that’s said to be haunted…


Sarah Booth, private investigator extraordinaire, is hot on a cold case. Lydia Redd Maxwell has been missing almost 7 years. Her abusive husband has decided to file for her death certificate, without a body no less. He is determined to gain her fortune to get him out of some bad investments. But Sarah Booth and her partner, Tinkie have other ideas!

I have been a fan of Sarah Booth for quite awhile. And there are tons of books in this series and no I have not read all of them.

Sarah Booth is a hot mess and I just love her! She is definitely entertaining and I can so see me and a couple of my friends pulling off some of her high jinks! This book is full of her antics! But don’t worry…SHE GETS THE JOB DONE!

I love how Carolyn Haines places little tidbits of history about Mississippi in her books. It’s just perfect for this Mississippi girl. Add in all the Southern characters ( and half of them live down the street from me!), and you have a cute mess of a read!

Need a good southern mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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