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In the middle of a perilous drought in the Northwest, an arsonist begins setting fires all around. It gives Zoe Penney nightmares about her home—seated right next to tinder-dry woods—rising up in explosions of fire, as well as haunting dreams of a little boy deep in the forest.

Winter brings the longed-for rains but also a cancer diagnosis for Zoe’s husband, Jay, which plunges the family into disbelief and fear. The children lean in close to their parents, can’t stop touching them. As Jay’s treatment begins, nature lets loose with strange and startling encounters, while a shadowy figure hovers about the corners of the house.

First, Zoe’s fear turns to anger: How can I love you if I am to lose you? How can I live in joy when the sky is falling? But she gradually learns that it’s possible to love anything, even terrible things—if you can love them for what they are teaching you.


An arsonist is setting fires and it is terrifying the whole area surrounding Zoë and Jay. No one knows where he will strike next. But, as life tends to turn on a dime…Jay gets a diagnosis which changes their lives forever.

When this story started, it was all over the place. I was a bit lost and there is no character development. That all comes later. I almost did not finish it. But, the further I got into the book the more the characters grew on me, especially Jay.

Jay has been diagnosed with cancer and it has torn his family apart and yet it has brought them together. Their strength, especially from Zoë, holds the family together during one of the worst years of their lives.

This is a tale of danger, trauma, and togetherness. I have lived through a close family member’s tragic bout with cancer and this author nailed all the sickness which goes with the treatments and all the thoughts that go with the diagnosis.

Need a heart-wrenching family drama…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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