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From the author of The Dutch Wife comes a riveting novel set during World War II about a woman who offers shelter to a Jewish baby, and her sister, who must choose between family loyalty and her own safety.

Amsterdam, 1941. When the Nazis invade Amsterdam, singer Johanna Vos watches in horror as the vibrant music scene she loves is all but erased, her Jewish friends forbidden from performing with her onstage. Alongside her friend Jakob, Johanna helps organize the Artists’ Resistance, an underground network allowing Jews to perform at house concerts hosted by their allies. When Johanna hears of a Jewish orphan headed for deportation, she does not think twice. She takes the baby in as her own, hiding the truth from even her own sister, Liesbeth.

Meanwhile, Liesbeth finds herself in a dilemma, as she knows of her sister’s staunch support for the Resistance, but her husband supports the Nazis. When a charming member of the Dutch Fascist Party sets his eyes on her, her predicament only deepens. As secrets continue to grow between the sisters, severing their once-unbreakable bond, they are both forced to make choices that will alter their lives forever.


The Netherlands are officially occupied by Germany. This throws a family onto opposite sides. Johanna is married to a Dutch resistor but her sister, Liesbeth, is married to a pharmacist who supports Hitler.

I loved how the author portrays each side of the war and how it affects the family. As a reader, you have feelings for both sisters as they each struggle with their political issues within the family. One actually ends up in a concentration camp because of her situation and the horrors she endures will make you want to scream, cry and throw the book across the room.

I enjoyed the setting of Amsterdam during WWII. Most books set in this time period are not set in the Netherlands. This country was occupied by the Germans and this story delves into the occupation and the terror the Nazis forced onto this group of people. But the Dutch are smart! They do not take this without a fight!

Need a good WWII novel with a different setting…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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