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Bianca Maria Curtis is at the brink of losing it all when she meets Eric at a bar in Manhattan. Eric, as it turns out, is the famous Korean drama celebrity Park Hyun Min, and he’s in town for one night to escape the pressures of fame. From walking along Fifth Avenue to eating ice cream at Serendipity to sharing tender moments on top of the Empire State building, sparks fly as Bianca and Eric spend twelve magical hours far away from their respective lives. In that time, they talk about the big stuff: love, life, and happiness, and the freedom they both seek to fully exist and not merely survive. 

But real life is more than just a few exhilarating stolen moments in time.

As the clock strikes the twelfth hour, Bianca returns back to the life she detests to face a tragedy that will test her strength and resolve—and the only thing she has to keep going is the memory of a man she loves in secret from a world away.


Bianca has lost a possible job that she needed desperately and now she is crying in her beer in a bar in Manhattan. She strikes up a conversation with the cute guy next to her. This conversation changes her life in more ways than one!

The guy next to her just happens to be a famous Korean actor, Park Hyun Min, or better known as Eric. Bianca eventually recognizes him and does her best to act cool. But as the night progresses she realizes there is more than a little connection.

Bianca and Eric are adorable together. However, I did like him better than I did her. She annoyed me a little bit. She is whiny and very dramatic in places. But, Eric is rock solid!

I loved the setting of NYC. These two enjoy so many great spots in this fabulous area. And like I said before, their connection makes the whole book. This story will have you laughing and crying all in the same paragraph.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

Need a cute story set in a great city…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

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