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This beautiful new novel by the beloved author of Open House and Talk Before Sleep tells the story of two young people growing up in Mason, Missouri, and how Arthur Moses, a shy young man, becomes the wise and compassionate person listeners loved in The Story of Arthur Truluv.

Nola McCollum is the most desirable girl in Arthur’s class, and he is thrilled when they become friends. But Arthur wants far more than friendship. Unfortunately, Nola has a crush on the wrong Moses—Arthur’s older brother, Frank, who is busy pursuing his own love interest and avoiding the boys’ father, a war veteran with a drinking problem and a penchant for starting fights. When a sudden tragedy rocks the family’s world, Arthur struggles to come to terms with his grief. In the end, it is nature that helps him to understand how to go on, beyond loss, and create a life of forgiveness and empathy. But what can he do about Nola, who seems confused about what she wants in life, and only half aware of the one who loves her most?

Full of unforgettable characters and written with Elizabeth Berg’s characteristic warmth, humor, and insight into people, Earth’s the Right Place for Love is about the power of kindness, character, and family, and how love can grow when you least expect it.


Arthur has fallen hard for Nola. But Nola only has eyes for Arthur’s brother Frank. So, Arthur strikes up a friendship with Nola. As hard as he tries, Nola is determined to stay friends. Then tragedy strikes Arthur’s household and his life is changed forever.

I love this series. Arthur is such a wonderful character. This novel is about his young life and the events which changed his family dynamics. But, as this novel brings to light, Arthur has always been a kind, sweet person. And he has always shown his ability to love even in the harshness of abuse.

This is not my favorite in this series. My favorite is the very first one, The Story of Arthur Truluv. So, if you get a chance, grab that one too. It is not necessary to read these in order. But I do believe the first one really endears the reader to Arthur. He is such a wonderful, kindhearted individual you do not want to miss!

Need a great tale about Arthur…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review

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