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A visit to Krakow intended to test a new relationship turns out to be fraught with danger when two Americans encounter a man pursuing a dark ambition in the waning months of the last millennium.

Adam Kasper is a historian delving into the archives of an old museum; traveling with him is Joan Templeton, a journalist. Although they have come to Poland together in hopes that their new romance might flourish, Adam’s work is all-consuming, and Joan finds better company with Rudy Vander Lage, a lecturer at the university who is coping with widowhood. By chance, they cross paths with Pawel Radincki, a man of unstable mind who hopes to transform his life by means both criminal and occult.

Adam’s obsession with his research leads him to commit a serious breach of academic protocol. Although their relationship is disintegrating, Joan decides to help him with a bold and risky plan, and she enlists the aid of Rudy. Neither realizes that the risks they take will stymie Pawel’s plans and put Joan’s life in danger. Theft, murder, and magic propel the plot, which reaches a climax at the turn of the millennium, when relationships are realigned and follies laid bare.


Adam is a historian and Joan is a journalist. They have traveled to Poland for Adam’s research. But their budding romance is collapsing. And when Adam decides to break the law, Joan has his back. But this puts her life in severe danger.

I really enjoyed this setting of Krakow. I loved all the churches and places Joan visits on her meanderings through Krakow. But, I was not a big fan of Adam. This is probably by design of the author. He is distant and very engrossed in his work. When he and Joan start to fall apart in their relationship, I was definitely on her side!

The mystery itself is a bit confusing in places but once you figure out what is happening you can’t stop reading!

Need a good mystery with a bit of mysticism and a great location…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today.

I received this novel for an honest review.

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