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An ex-cop takes on a widespread criminal organization targeting midwestern towns in this new thriller from the author of The Old Man

When a sudden crime wave hits several small midwestern towns, the US Attorney for the region calls on Harry Duncan to investigate. An ex-cop known for his unorthodox methods, Duncan is reluctant to go up against a widespread criminal organization—but the attorney in question is Ellen Leicester, the wife who left him fifteen years earlier, and to her, he can’t say no.

Initially brought in as a consultant to determine if the racketeering is severe enough to require an all-out investigation by the FBI, Duncan quickly finds himself in conflict with a syndicate far more violent than first suspected. As the investigation develops, he begins compiling a “murder book,” the notebook in which a detective keeps records, interviews, photos—everything he needs to build his case. But his scrutiny of the gang soon makes Duncan a target. And Ellen, too.

A thrilling and suspenseful tour of crime-addled midwestern towns, Murder Book is signature Thomas Perry, with characters you won’t soon forget, crisply-described action sequences, and breathlessly-tense plotting.


Harry’s ex-wife, Ellen…the new US attorney, has asked him to investigate a new crime wave in the mid west. Harry takes this on with almost no hesitation. But, he soon discovers more than he expected. And he and Ellen both end up on the run!

I really enjoyed Harry Duncan. He is no nonsense and pretty dang smart. He is very unconventional and I enjoyed his unique ways of going about things.

This story moves quickly. And boy, does it get intense, especially towards the end. I loved the chase. I could definitely see this as a tv show!

The narrator, Peter Berkrot , is not my favorite. He tends to be overly dramatic and he speeds up in the exciting parts. But, this did not take away from the story. I did roll my eyes in places over his portrayal.

Need a good mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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