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Private investigator Rick Cahill has been running from his past and chasing the truth his whole life. But his past is relentless—and so is his CTE, a disease caused by repeated head traumas that has attacked his body and his mind. As his CTE progresses, he realizes that the disease not only threatens his life but also endangers his family’s wellbeing.

As Rick struggles to keep his family together, he does a favor for Sara Bhandari, a business contact. Then, Sara is murdered, and the police believe her to be yet another victim of a serial rapist who has been terrorizing greater San Diego. But Rick has reason to question their theory. Determined to find the truth at any cost, and against his wife’s warnings, he investigates on his own.

Along the way, he bumps up against a sinister private investigative agency and a shady shell corporation that may be hiding more than company secrets. As Rick digs for the truth about Sara’s death, he risks his own life and the lives of countless innocents caught in his relentless crusade. Ultimately, Rick must decide if his quest is worth the risk of losing his family forever.


Rick is a private investigator in the San Diego area. He does quite a bit of work for several of the local businesses. When one of his business contacts ends up murdered, Rick knows something is very wrong. He ends up investigating the murder on the sly. But, as you can guess, this leads to more questions than answers.

Rick is a very damaged character and I loved him. He is smart when it comes to investigations but pretty dang dumb when it comes to family. But he is so endearing in his efforts.

This story is complex with all the twists and turns. It definitely keeps the readers on their toes. I mean…I thought I had it figured out but it twisted again!

Since we went to San Diego for vacation this year, I loved the setting of this book. Now, this book is number 9 in a series. I have not read a single one. How I have missed this, I have no idea. I did not feel lost at all during this novel but I do want to pick up some if the others. I want to know more about Rick and his background.

Need a good intricate mystery…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for an honest opinion.

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