The Winter Guest by W. C. Ryan #mystery #audiobook @dreamscapeaudio


January 1921. Though the Great War is over, in Ireland a new civil war is raging. The once-grand Kilcolgan House, a crumbling bastion shrouded in sea mist, lies half empty and filled with ghosts, both real and imagined, while it shelters the surviving members of the Prendeville family. Then, when an IRA ambush goes terribly wrong, Maud Prendeville, Lord Kilcolgan’s eldest daughter, is killed, leaving the family reeling. Yet the IRA column behind the attack insists they left her alive, that someone else must be responsible for her terrible fate. Captain Tom Harkin, an IRA intelligence officer and Maud’s former fiancé, is sent to investigate. He becomes an unwelcome guest in this strange, gloomy household.

Working undercover, Harkin must delve into the house’s secrets—and discover where, in this fractured, embattled town, allegiances truly lie. But Harkin too is haunted by the ghosts of the past and by his terrible experiences on the battlefields. Can he find the truth about Maud’s death before the past—and his strange, unnerving surroundings—overwhelm him?


Maud has been found dead. The family is leaving no stone unturned. They have even called in her old lover, Tom Harkin, to help them decipher all the evidence.

Tom is a character I enjoyed. He is just matter of fact until the situation demands more…then he is unstoppable! I loved how he felt about the situation. His heart is broken but that is not going to stop him from doing his job and finding out what happened to Maud.

This book started out so strong. But the further I got into the story the more characters introduced…just sort of lost gusto. But, it kept me entertained enough to keep going. I did want to know more about the house and the history. But the mystery of who did what to whom…quite a good guessing game!

Liam Hourican is the narrator. He did a very good job with all the characters and his tone fit every situation.

Need a good, entertaining mystery…this is it! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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