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In Archer Mayor’s Fall Guy, a body found in the trunk of a stolen car leads Joe Gunther and his team to crucial evidence in an infamous unsolved case from years past.

A high-end stolen car is discovered in Vermont. A car filled with stolen items from a far-flung two stage burglary spree. But it’s what is in the trunk that brings Joe Gunther and his team from the Vermont Bureau of Investigation. In the trunk is the body of burglar in question – one Don Kalfus. Complicating matters, while the body was found in Vermont, it appears he was probably killed in the next state over, New Hampshire.

The task force charged with finding out why Kalfus is murdered soon faces another problem. Within the pile of stolen cell phones found in the car is evidence of a notorious unsolved child abduction case from years earlier.

Now the seemingly simple case has become more complicated and deadly, leading Gunther’s team to be pulled from the New Hampshire coast to near the Canadian border as they attempt to find and capture the psychopath responsible for a tangled, historical web of misery, betrayal, and loss.


Joe is called in to investigate a stolen car with a body in the trunk. The further he goes into the investigation the more twisted it becomes. Now, he is in the middle of an famous unsolved child abduction case.

I have not read any of this series and how I have missed it…I have no idea. It was a pretty dang good book. And I always love a quest. And this book is all about the quest to find the killer. I love Joe Gunter. He is smart and he has some pretty good side kick characters!

Ok y’all, this is number 33 in a series. So, once again, I ask, how many is too many? Inquiring minds want to know your thoughts!?!? I guess if the books keep selling just keep writing.

Need a good detective mystery novel…THIS IS IT!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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