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Until recently, Isobel has always loved The Close. A quiet road of large houses tucked away in the beautiful English countryside, it seemed like the perfect place to live. Then, six months ago, a young man was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run incident. The police investigated, but no one was charged, which left a bad feeling in this little community, a feeling that someone knows more than they are saying. 

So when new neighbor Linette arrives, Isobel thinks it’s the perfect chance to make a fresh start, to repair relationships, and rebuild her community. But someone else has a very different plan, and bad things start to happen. When there’s another death, Isobel realizes her home, her marriage, and her family are all in terrible danger. She is certain that what’s happening is connected to the hit-and-run. But how? What really happened on the night of the fatal accident? And above all, who is Linette, and what does she really want?


Isabel loves her home. It is a quiet road with a few large homes on the English countryside. But when there is a mysterious death of a young boy by a hit and run, it changes the whole feel of the neighborhood. So, when the new neighbor, Linette, moves in, Isobel decides to try and bring the neighbors back together. However, Linette is not who she says she is and secrets start to emerge.

This is a good read, but it really didn’t take off till toward the end of the book. I did enjoy the hunt for the killer but intensity is just not there till the end. I guess you can call this a slow burn novel. The characters and the mystery really keep you guessing. I figured it out at first, then changed my mind then went back to the original guess. I enjoy a book which does this!

I also love when there is a team of narrators. These two, Danielle Cohen and Chris Devon did an excellent job! I have always thought two narrators are much better than one. Just makes the story more real!

Need a guessing game…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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