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How do you ask forgiveness for the unforgivable?

When Annie Wolff’s ex-husband dies unexpectedly, she breaks her self-imposed exile and returns home to Snohomish, Washington. Annie hasn’t seen her children, Grace and Connor, in eight years, and now, her in-laws are making a bid to adopt them. She only hopes the depression that once sent her running will remain in check.

Annie is quickly drawn back into the lives of her now-teenage kids, under the skeptical supervision of their aunt. While Connor welcomes his estranged mother with open arms, Grace wants nothing to do with her. Annie is determined to be patient, even though her daughter’s behavior raises red flags.

As Annie sets out on this new, treacherous road, she stumbles into the path of Wic Dubray—the handsome but annoyingly honest woodworker who leases her a room. Not used to anyone caring for her, she finds his presence is both an unanticipated gift and a complication.

Annie must navigate old memories, hostile relatives, her wavering mental health, and a growing fondness for Wic. Only then will she have a chance to win back her children and her life and maybe find love.


Annie has never been the best mother. She left her children when they were young. She thought she was doing them a favor. Annie has depression and it is so debilitating and all consuming she had to leave her family behind. But, when she finds out her ex-husband has passed away, Annie must go to her children. Can she win back their trust and be the mom she has always wanted to be?

This story will break your heart on so many levels. Annie struggles to win back the children who don’t really want her back. She knows this is an uphill battle. But, she never gives up. I have to give credit to Wic Dubray and his wise mother, Mina for giving Annie the right shot of honesty she needs to keep going.

Need a story which will make you see how hard mental illness is and the struggles of a loving mother to overcome…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the author for an honest opinion.

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About The Author:

ANNA E. COLLINS is a Seattle-area author who writes both lighthearted and emotional stories about the lives and loves of women. Once upon a time she was a teacher with a master’s degree in educational psychology, but nowadays, plotting fiction and raising humans are her main pursuits. When not doing that, she can be found exploring other creative interests like painting, woodworking, and baking, as well as endlessly brushing her mini goldendoodle, Archie, who is a Very Good Boy. Anna’s debut novel, a romcom called Love at First Spite, came out in January 2022. These Numbered Days is her first women’s fiction novel.

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