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A woman’s seemingly perfect second marriage is rocked by a discovery about the death of her first husband in this twisty psychological thriller from Kate White, the New York Times bestselling author whom Entertainment Weekly called “impossible to outwit.” 

Recovering from the unsolved murder of her first husband, Derrick, thirtysomething Emma Hawke has built a new life with Tom, a handsome, successful, and loving widower who finally makes her feel safe again. 

Then one day a police detective shows up at their house on the Connecticut shore, asking questions about Derrick’s death. Emma was sure she’d been cleared in the days after the tragedy. So why is law enforcement taking another look now—and questioning the timing of her relationship with Tom? She hadn’t even met him until after Derrick’s death.

Then Emma is shocked to discover that, in fact, she and her second husband attended the same business dinner two months before Derrick’s murder. Did Tom, unbeknownst to Emma, spot her there? Could he have set his sights on her and orchestrated a plan to make her his wife, whatever the cost?

With twists and turns all the way to the last page, this fast-paced, expertly plotted novel will have you asking that age-old question: how well do you really know the ones you love?


Emma’s husband Derrick was murdered in NYC at a conference. The murderer was never found. Emma moves on with her life and marries her now husband, Tom. When NYC Police open back up the investigation into Derrick’s death, it turns Emma’s life upside down…again!

I do hate to say…this is my first Kate White book. I follow her on Instagram but just have never picked her up. Well, I will be checking out her others. This story had me on pins and needles. I love the intricate twists and turns. Kate White wove a fabulous tale of intrigue and lies!

Emma is also a character which captivated me. At first, I was unsure what she was hiding. The author really had me guessing about her for a while. Then the truth starts to come out and Emma became someone who needed my sympathy, and of course my help…I had to read faster to get her out of the mess she was in!

Need a thriller you won’t soon forget…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this copy from Wunderkind-PR.

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2 Responses to The Second Husband by Kate White @harpercollins #suspense #fiction #bookreview #thriller

  1. It was a guessing game until the end. Nice review.

    Glad you liked it.

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