The Devil’s Whispers by Lucas Hault #gothic #bookreview #horror


Famed British lawyer Gerard Woodward is summoned to an ancient Welsh castle to assist a dying lord in his final affairs. But as his host slips closer to death, Gerard begins to feel less like a guest and more like a prisoner. When he finds himself locked inside his room, he realizes he must escape.

After finding his way out of his room, Gerard begins to wonder if he was safer locked inside. The labyrinthine halls echo secrets. A terrible wail and the rattling of chains sets his nerves on end. Something sinister is happening within the walls of Mathers Castle, and when he descends into the dungeons, he discovers a horrible secret…

In nearby London, children vanish into the night, animals are horribly mutilated, and a savage creature stalks the shadows. When Gerard’s wife, Raelyn, becomes the creature’s next target, Gerard’s need to escape reaches a fever pitch. He must get out alive to dispel the evil to save his beloved Raelyn… and the rest of us.

Fans of epistolary Gothic horror classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Picture of Dorian Gray will devour The Devil’s Whispers.


Gerard is a British lawyer invited to take a dying man’s last will and testament. When he arrives, he realizes things are not as he expected…then things gets worse. He is locked in his bedroom! Back in London, where his fiancé, Raelyn resides, there is a evil creature mutilating animals while the children vanish.

The story is told through diary entries and letters. So, I was not a huge fan of the format. But, give me a creepy house and I am in!

The novel is a bit predictable. I knew what was coming and when. I did enjoy the intensity created, especially from Gerard. I felt like I was trapped right there with him! I also enjoyed the feel of a classic horror story like Dracula!

Need a good gothic tale with a weird house and terrible creature…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.

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The Devil’s Whispers: A Gothic Horror Novel

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