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Burdened by the pressing weight of survivor’s guilt, Sean McPherson, an ex-cop, is desperate for redemption. At Pines & Quill, a writer’s retreat in the Pacific Northwest, he and his fiancée, Emma Benton, are planning their lives together. He wants to go back into law enforcement. She plans to walk again.

Georgio “The Bull” Gambino, head of a Seattle-based crime family, has a long reach. Like cockroaches, his minions infiltrate even the most inaccessible of places to do his bidding. With Seattle to the south, the Canadian border a stone’s throw to the north, and Bellingham Bay—a gateway to the Pacific Ocean—immediately to the west, Bellingham is the ideal location for the Gambino crime family to traffic drugs, weapons, and humans. But McPherson’s in Gambino’s way, which means he must be eliminated.

The writers in residence at Pines & Quill include an Afghanistan War veteran, a professional photographer, a civil rights attorney, and a gourmet chef. But McPherson suspects that there’s more going on than the joy of creating plot twists. Is one of them conspiring murder outside the pages of their manuscript?


Sean McPherson is an ex-cop who is now helping his sister at her writers retreat, Pines & Quill. He and his fiancé are looking forward to their new life together. But, this new batch of writers have an imposter in their midsts. Can Sean figure out what is going on before someone gets hurt?

This story picks up right where the first book, Indelible , stops. However, you can also read this second novel as a stand alone. But, I did enjoy knowing about Sean’s background. He is one of my favorite characters. He is broken in so many ways but his strength comes through in every twist and turn. And believe me…this story has plenty which keep you on your toes!

I love the setting of Pines & Quills. I can just picture the area and these wonderful cabins. And these writers with all of their quirks, really add to the story. Plus…the intensity of this tale will keep you coming back for more!

Need a good mystery you can’t put down…THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the author for a honest review.

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